Bengaluru FC head coach Gerard Zaragoza and other players including Sunil Chhetri gathered on a sunny Sunday morning at the Bengaluru Football Stadium to welcome their newest signings in front of their enthusiastic supporters. The atmosphere was electric as fans filled the stands, eager to catch a glimpse of their players and hear from their beloved faces. 

Zaragoza set the tone for the event with a passionate speech, emphasising the team's commitment to winning this season. The Spaniard took charge of the Blues midway last season but couldn’t turn around their fortunes as they finished 10th in the league standings although they were in the race for the playoffs at one stage. He urged the fans to believe in the squad, highlighting the determination and hard work being put in by both the new and existing players.

"We have one exciting season beginning, and the thing that we want is that you believe in us. You believe in these guys because they are going to bring you a lot of wins. As I said inside the changing room, the word of this season is 'win.' We want to win everything. Every single training session, every single game — we need to win and then we will bring joy to you," Zaragoza said. 

The excitement continued as Edgar Mendez, the club's newest attacker shared his thoughts in Spanish. Mendez, who was Bengaluru FC’s first foreign signing of the summer, was visibly moved by the warm reception. 

Zaragoza translated his sentiments: "Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm very happy to be here. The boys have treated me wonderfully from day one, and I want to bring all this love onto the pitch."

Mendez's enthusiasm and positive attitude were evident, promising an exciting future for the club with his contributions on the field.

Bengaluru FC captain Sunil Chhetri then took the microphone, bringing his usual charisma and heartfelt words to the fore. The Bengaluru FC forward reminisced about the emotional moments that had united the team and the fans.

"The first feeling that I get when coming to this ground is the memory of our first season. I see a lot of you who were here on the first day, like me. Thank you so much for standing by us, even in our worst times. I hope this year we can get back all the joy that you truly deserve," he asserted.

Chhetri then humorously raised the bar for Mendez and new signing Jorge Diaz, setting a high expectation for their combined goal tally for the season. 

"If these two do not score a combined 25-plus goals, I’m sending this video to Miku. We all have to make sure we keep this video of the entrance as motivation. No pressure, but if Mendez and Diaz don't score 25-plus, we’ll have a word," Chhetri said. 

Reflecting on the previous season, Chhetri acknowledged the team's struggles and expressed his determination to turn things around as they just won just five matches in the league. Bengaluru FC’s 10th-place finish last season was their worst since joining the ISL in the 2017-18 campaign. 

"I know the coach doesn't want me to remind anyone, but last year was one of the worst in our history. I'm just reminding you because we are mindful of it and want to change it. We understand the kind of joy we bring to you, so thank you so much for standing by us even in our bad times," Chhetri reflected. 

Rahul Bheke, who has rejoined Bengaluru FC on a two-year deal, also shared his excitement about being back. Bheke's previous tenure with the club was marked by significant achievements, including his unforgettable winning header against FC Goa in the 2018-19 ISL final, which secured the ISL Cup for the Blues for the first time. 

Reflecting on his return, Bheke said: "First of all, thank you to each and every one. It feels really great. It's a great pleasure to be back here, back to this city, back to the club. More importantly, back to BFC, where in 2017, I started my first training and my journey with BFC. I'm so happy to be here, looking forward to a successful season. I want to make more memories with this club, with the fans, and with this city."

Ryan Williams, who recently extended his contract with the club, spoke about the team's plans for the upcoming season and their focus on winning. Williams, a winger known for his speed and skill, expressed optimism about the future.

"Obviously, we want to forget last season, but a lot of the stuff that we did on the training ground is what's going to give us a head start for next season. We've got a long preseason, Durand Cup, and a good group of players with a lot of experience. I'm super excited. What the manager said about wanting to win probably mimics everybody's thoughts at the moment," the Australian stated.