Winning trophies is a process that must be planned: Ivan Vukomanovic

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Excitement and expectation is high among Kerala Blasters FC fans since the appointment of new head coach Ivan Vukomanovic earlier this month. And there is good reason. The Serb comes with a solid, impressive body of work having coached in the top flight in Belgium, Slovakia and Cypress. The 43-year-old recently addressed some important questions from in regard to how he plans to take the team back to the top-four after quite a few disappointing campaigns in recent years, his footballing philosophy, and how he is going to satiate the demanding Kerala Blasters FC fans. Here are some excerpts from the interview.     

Young team, young players and now young coach in you. How do you feel?

I feel good, thanks. Young is prosperity, young is nice, young has a smile. Young means having possibilities and time to improve and grow.

Kerala Blasters FC had 11 coaches before you in the last seven seasons, including current assistant coach Ishfaq Ahmed. What changes are you planning to bring to the team? What are your expectations for the coming season?

I would never say that we are going to change something. I would rather use the word “add” in that context. Kerala Blasters FC has its own way and we are all here to do our best and try to improve certain things. The number of coaches and players doesn’t mean a lot. It’s the normal path and the way that many clubs have had. Every organisation needs stability and consistency in order to achieve good and positive results. My expectations for the upcoming season are the same as the club’s expectations. We are all looking to improve certain things and make every new day better than the previous one.

How has been the experience so far, with the team squad, management and fans?

Everything is very good so far. I think there is a group of good players with potential. We will try to reinforce our team in certain positions in the transfer period and improve some aspects. I am very glad to be part of the Kerala Blasters FC family and having the opportunity to cooperate with the club’s direction. I think they all have clear sight and vision about the next period. I like the fact of having a huge army of fans behind our club. It gives extra motivation and obligation, to give our everything on the pitch.

We know that you encourage players to perform well on the field by providing psychological support. Can we expect the same at Kerala Blasters FC?

It doesn’t matter where one coach finds himself. It is his obligation to provide all possible details of improvement and help developing young players in the club. Youth is a core of every club’s identity and it is our obligation to give them technical, tactical and psychological support in order to help them become better players and persons. I will certainly do my best in all those aspects of the game.

Can we expect any big signing this year?

We are all busy with that, and I am sure that we will have some interesting names in our team.

Last season, the defensive side of KBFC was weak. How are you planning to improve it?

Defensive work is a very important aspect in a game of football. I can’t say anything about last-season performances because I was not there. We will try to add certain things to our game style and we will see how it evolves. You must not forget that all the players must attack and defend together. That is very important in a game.

KBFC has the largest football fanbase in India. But still, the club has not been able to win a single Hero ISL title for them as yet…

I am very happy and glad that Kerala Blasters FC has a huge army of fans. Like I said, it’s our obligation to play with ambition and passion because the fans deserve that. Winning trophies is a process that must be planned. It needs time and patience. Many details are important if you want to complete that puzzle. I will promise hard work and giving my best in order to make fans happy and proud of our team.

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