Nikola Krcmarevic: The wins will come

Kerala Blasters FC will play host to an in-form Bengaluru FC side on Monday at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi. The home side will be looking to end their run of four consecutive draws on a trot with a victory over their southern rivals.

Ahead of the big match, caught up with Kerala's Serbian midfielder Nikola Krcmarevic, who recently registered his first Hero ISL goal in Kerala's last match against FC Pune City. Here are the excerpts.

How has your experience in India been so far?

Well sure, it’s a nice experience for me. It’s my first time in Asia. I’m very satisfied with the organization, with the fans and all the clubs are very well organized in the league too. I must say that I was not expecting something like this because I was not familiar with Indian football so much. I can say that it’s very good.

How did it feel to score your first goal in Hero ISL?

I’m glad that I scored the goal. It’s a nice thing but for me, the result is more important because we know the ambitions of this club and we know that every game we are going for the win. So I hope that from this next match this will start too.

Will the team be doing anything different against Bengaluru FC?

In my opinion, nothing special. We’re playing good, we generally have most of the possession in all the games. We have confidence, and we’re showing that we’re a big team. Every game, we’re going for the win. We just need to continue playing like we play to build our confidence, to attack like we attack every game. We have a lot of shots on goal so nothing special must change. We just need to play in our own way and hopefully, the wins will come. We just need to have patience, that’s the main thing.

Thoughts on head coach David James.

I knew about our gaffer when I was like a very small boy. He’s a big name in European football so I’m very happy that I can learn from a man like him because he has a lot of experience in his football life. I’m very glad that I can go and be in every training and get advice from a guy like him and from all the staff.

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