Jez Weeks: Impressed with Indian coaches at Premier Skills

The second phase of the Premier Skills India programme gathered momentum as the coaches and participants engaged in a series of activities and training drills over the weekend in Navi Mumbai. The coaching workshop, which kicked off on Monday, began with a small introductory session where the participants were given a general idea of the agenda ahead and key pointers regarding the impact that football has on community development.

Jez Weeks, Premier League Coach Educator, was at hand to oversee the proceedings of the workshop. In an exclusive interview to, the Englishman expressed his delight over returning to India for Phase 2 of the programme. “Over the last 18 months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 150 coaches from all the Hero ISL clubs. I’ve been really impressed with them. I am really excited to have 40 of them back here this week on this Phase 2 course.”

Weeks then went on to shed some light on the assets that a coach possesses with respect to community development. “So, the qualities that we look for in a coach when it comes to community development are not just qualities that make a good coach. But we are also looking for somebody that has a real can-do attitude. Can they look at a problem and can they try and work out ways to solve it? So, is there an issue in their community and how football can have an impact on that community?”

The second day of the workshop witnessed a presentation being delivered by the coaches on the different challenges of football and the steps needed to take them. Sam Hoare, representative from Manchester City FC and one of the conductors of the workshop gave us some insights into the benefits of the workshop on the Indian coaches. “Premier Skills is really going to help the Indian coaches at the grassroots levels because we’re giving them more ideas – more session ideas – but also, we’re allowing them to gain an understanding of how to deliver it. Whether it is through a bit of humour, making people smile or whether it is giving them the right technical detail to help them improve those at grassroots and local communities.”

Hoare was also happy to see the Indian coaches enjoying their time and actively contributing to the workshop. “I expect the coaches to be developing more and to see so many more smiles. In fact, I’ve seen some of them carrying stuff across, helping us out and still (having) a smile on their face. I’ve got a smile on my face. I am expecting everyone to continue enjoying it.”

Day 2 concluded with a brief session on the impact of Asians in the football world as well as the impact of the Premier League clubs towards community development and women upliftment.

For a glimpse of all the action from the Premier Skills India workshop in Navi Mumbai, click here.

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