RFYC Selections see new heights in Goa and Thissur

The Reliance Foundation Young Champs selections concluded on Monday in Goa and Thissur as FC Goa and Kerala Blasters FC hosted their Scouting Festivals at Rosary School in Goa and Corporation Ground, Chembukkav in Thissur respectively. Registrations began at 8 am in Goa and 2 pm in Thissur with the trials commencing shortly after at both venues.

The exuberant youngsters at FC Goa’s Scouting Festival were put through their paces by Piet Hubers, technical director of the Grassroots Development Programme for the Hero Indian Super League, and nine other local coaches as well as FC Goa’s technical director for grassroots, Katz Naidoo.

Meanwhile, Kerala Blasters FC’s Scouting Festival was conducted under the watchful eyes of Mark Vaessen, head coach of the Reliance Foundation Young Champs, Jose Barreto, assistant coach of the Reliance Foundation Young Champs, and seven local coaches from Kerala Blasters FC. Head coach of Kerala Blasters FC from last season, Terry Phelan was also present at the event and later spoke about some of the judgement criteria of the festival.

“It’s a holistic approach. Like I said, through this academy of holistic approach, we have micro-cycle training methods. All the boys train twice a week. All the coaches go through the right format. I mean what do we look for? Do we look for short players? Do we look for big players? We look for players who have got the whole lot, with the right attitude and right focus. That’s what you need to be any kind of athlete. At a younger age, you just have got to have fun, enjoy yourselves and come to training with a good attitude. It takes a lot to be a football player,” Phelan said.

Participants at both venues had their techniques put to the test with exercises such as the Cruyff turn, scissors and ball control. Their ability to retain the ball was also evaluated by the coaches after the participants undertook a possession play-based drill, which required them to keep hold of the ball for as long as possible. Both Scouting Festivals ended with the participants taking part in competitive 4-v-4 matches as well as 7-v-7 games to give the coaches a better idea of their game sense and composure in match situations.

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