The match officials nominated to officiate matches in the Indian Super League (ISL) 2023-24 season underwent a technical training camp ahead of the season. The camp was held from September 16 to September 18 at the Jio Institute in Mumbai.

The training program for the match officials was overseen by the Chief Refereeing Officer (CRO), Trevor Kettle, an experienced Englishman who boasts a remarkable record of officiating in more than 800 professional matches across numerous English club grounds. Notably, the core list of ISL referees has been slightly reduced this season to increase the number of games each referee will handle, aiming to improve performance standards and consistency within the group.

The technical training program was structured to concentrate on specific "Focus Areas" aimed at enhancing the training and development of professional football officials. These areas included:

  • Elevating the fitness standards of the officials to meet the heightened demands of the game and thus enabling them to assume the best positions and angles to make the best decisions during matches.
  • Ensuring the correct identification of serious foul play and reckless behaviour.
  • Scrutinizing penalty area incidents to guarantee that a clear illegal challenge by a defending player occurred before awarding a penalty.
  • Effective management facilitates the fluidity of the game thus increasing the effective playing time.
  • Giving any benefit of the doubt to the attacking side for difficult offside judgments.
  • Exercising strong management for actions involving poor participant behaviour, both on the field and within the technical area.
  • Ensuring the addition of actual lost time at the end of each half.

Trevor Kettle added, “The challenges and pressures of officiating India’s elite football and the stakes of winning continue to grow year on year. This ISL will undoubtedly be more competitive than last season, increasing the pressures. Therefore, continual technical training must be undertaken throughout the season to be best prepared. The match officials are highly motivated and looking forward to the ISL season starting.”