We push each other to the limits: Odisha FC goalkeeper Kamaljit Singh

Odisha FC with a governing start in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) have proven to be serious contenders so far this season and Kamaljit Singh has been pivotal with his goalkeeping duties with the third most saves (8) in the edition.

Ahead of the clash against NorthEast United FC, the first-choice goalkeeper spoke of the experience under the coaching staff, his inspiration and the competition within the Odisha FC camp.

Here are the excerpts from the press conference:

You (Kamaljit) have had a good start to the season so far, what are your thoughts?

Kamaljit: We are looking forward to the next game. We are focused, we know they (NorthEast United FC) are a tough competitor and this league can change very quickly. So we are very focused, we are taking things step by step. So now we are going to play against NorthEast, we know they're a good opponent. So we are taking things calmly. We are hoping for the best against them.

What has been your experience working with coach Kiko (Ramirez) and Kino and your experience of working with the goalkeeper coach Manu (Patricio), how's it been so far?

Kamaljit: They are great coaches, good. We know the head coach is great and Kino also is on his first time as assistant coach. Before that, he's always been a head coach in different countries, with big experience in different nations, big experience in Europe. Same as Manu (Patricio), he brings a lot of experience. So we are very happy and we are doing pretty good under them and hope we can make good things.

Who's your inspiration? Is there somebody in the league or somebody outside the club in Europe that you look up to as a role model for yourself, as a goalkeeper?

Kamaljit: I watched all the keepers, I learned from them, even I learned from their mistakes, so for me, whoever is playing at top level, they are my inspiration and I'm hoping that one day like even I get a chance to play abroad, but right now I'm focusing and for me, like I watched and learned from everybody, I hope things become good.

There are three good goalkeepers in the team, you, Arshdeep (Singh) and Ravi Kumar and is the competition good for you? Does it push you to become even better? Because there are three good goalkeepers competing for one spot.

Kamaljit: No, it's a very, very healthy competition. Everyday we push each other to the limits and every day we're improving under Manu and under our coaches, it's very good for me to have and for them to help all of us together because we know we all three are good and we are pushing each other and it's making each one of us better, every day.

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