We need to play with a bit more confidence: SC East Bengal interim coach Renedy Singh

SC East Bengal interim coach Renedy Singh has urged his side to exhibit confidence and work on their shape on the field as they prepare to take on Mumbai City FC in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) on Friday at Tilak Maidan Stadium.

The Red and Gold Brigade have had an underwhelming first half of their season as they are yet to open their win account and are placed at the bottom of the table.

Ahead of SC East Bengal’s clash against Mumbai City FC, interim coach Renedy Singh addressed the media during the official pre-match press conference.

Here are the excerpts from Renedy’s press conference.

SC East Bengal have improved in the last two matches. The team looks in good touch but somehow the defense remains a concern. What would be your approach against a strong Mumbai City FC?

Yeah, as I said before the last match, the way we played against Hyderabad, I think that was a match in which our players thought that yes, we can also do well and in the previous two matches the way the boys have fought, the way they have played, the way they have defended, I was really happy to see. The only thing is when we get the ball can we play with a little more confidence and that's what we all are working on right now.

But yes, Mumbai is one of the best attacking sides in the league and we know what Mumbai have done in the last many seasons and they are a great team. But then again we have to make the game more difficult for the opponent because if we allow them to play, they can punish us.

We have to play as a group, as a team, as a unit, and attack together and defend together. It should be a good match even though we will be playing with only one or two foreigners. It's difficult but I know that whoever, even the Indian boys I know, whoever is on the ground they will give 100% and do well.

Do you have a plan to stop Igor Angulo and Mourtada Fall?

Angulo, Mourtada, (Ahmed) Jahouh, Bipin Singh are all great players. But then we have to think of our team, what can we do? How can we hurt them? How can we defend? We have to think about ourselves first before we think about the opponent. Yeah if we can do our work well, if we can do our duties well it will be difficult for them too.

The Indian players have looked impressive. Is having someone who understands and knows them a big reason behind this change in performance and morale?

Before I took over for these three matches, I said I will work on the shape while they're attacking and shape while defending and the structure. They went to the ground and did exactly what I wanted. And like I said if we play with a little more confidence when we have the ball and that's the only part that we have to improve.

And it will not be easy, especially with a team like Mumbai, it will not be easy but in life, we have to take the chance and keep fighting.

You spoke of wanting to do better in the next two games you will be in charge. SCEB play Mumbai City and then Jamshedpur FC next, what is the plan against them?

I'm only thinking about the Mumbai match. How can we play better? How can we play as a team? How can we move as a team and how can we defend as a team? And that's all I'm looking for. It's going to be a tough match and it's not impossible if we keep fighting if we keep our work, if we keep our duty, if we do our duty as well, I'm sure boys will perform well.

Would you agree that goalkeepers have struggled this season? If yes why do you think that happened?

I can see that you know, in the whole league for all the goalkeepers it's a tough time for them. I could see in some matches but then again you cannot blame only the keepers. When we concede a goal we have to see where the ball is coming from. Our forwards, our strikers are the number one defenders and our first attacker is the goalkeeper. So when we consider a goal, we shouldn't just complain or blame the goalkeepers, we should blame the attackers also if they defend well it will be easy for the keeper and when we attack starts from the goalkeeper, so we cannot only blame the strikers. So we have to blame the whole team. But then again it happens. But I'm sure goalkeepers will play better incoming matches for sure.

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