These were lost points: Odisha FC’s Anshul Katiyar

Odisha FC were left feeling disappointed following their 0-0 draw with ATK Mohun Bagan in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) at the PJN Stadium, Goa on Sunday.

It was an end-to-end match with both sides trying their best to score a goal. Odisha FC stood firm against a good ATK Mohun Bagan attack and will look forward to building on it in their next matches.

This result leaves the Juggernauts in sixth place, level on points with Hyderabad FC, who are currently in the semi-final spots.

Assistant Head Coach Anshul Katiyar addressed the media after the match.

Here are some excerpts from his press conference:

Would it be fair to say that Odisha FC could have won the match?

First of all condolences to Subhash Bhowmick’s family, he was a legend. We all have learned something from him and he set a target for all the Indian coaches. So my prayer, my sympathies are with his family and God should give some strength to them.

Yeah, we can say these were lost points because we had some chances. I will go back to analyse the game, and we'll see the xG and all those things. So I think we had chances and we did well in all the parts be it defending or attacking. So yeah, points lost.

How bad is the injury of Héctor Rodas?

We have to assess that at the moment it looks like he's injured.

Liridon Krasniqi was impressive today. Can you give a word on his performance?

He's always impressive. So he just needs to bring consistency, so he's a different player. So today, he has shown some attitude to the team. And like it was a very good game, but I just want to see more consistency from him like every game he should be at the top level.

What are the areas you feel, where the team can improve themselves?

I think we have to improve in all the areas in attacking and defending in transition. So now I think the players are more comfortable, they have proper communication, they have a game plan and now we are ready every day. And I think we are going to improve in all four areas. As you know, in defending set-pieces we have already improved. So from the last two games, we have not conceded any goal from set-pieces. So we are improving step by step all the staff is working towards that.

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