We must forget this game and move on: NorthEast United FC’s Khalid Jamil

NorthEast United FC suffered a late defeat against Odisha FC at Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco, Goa on Friday in Hero Indian Super League (ISL) and Khalid Jamil believes the team tried hard but with a match in two days, a change in playing XI is inevitable.

After the 1-0 loss against Odisha FC with Jonathas scoring the winning goal, NorthEast United FC slipped to ninth position on the standings with four points in the bag.

Here are the excerpts from his post-match press conference.

What are your thoughts on the game tonight?

I was thinking that we tried really well in the first half. Everybody worked hard. We didn’t hit the target and looking at the second half, the only one point we lacked was the lack of concentration.

You mentioned that you missed a lot of chances and Odisha FC had six to seven chances and they scored one but on the other hand you had twenty chances, was that the only thing that hurts you -- not converting chances?

You can say that but it happens sometimes. Now we have a short time, we must forget this game and think about the next game which is very important because we have two days.

Deshorn (Brown) started after his injury, how motivational was that to have your striker hit again and start?

Deshorn, he tried very good today, worked very hard and he came back, that is good for us.

You have two days in hand for your next game, what do you tell your players and how do you motivate them?

We have to do good recovery and there will be some changes for the team definitely. Maybe, put new players or maybe some players we’ll have to add because we have less time.

What is the situation with Subhasish (Roy)?

Subashish, today he was injured in practice and he was not absolutely fit but we missed him, his experience we missed.

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