Take your Hero Indian Super League 2019-20 Fan Survey today

The Hero Indian Super League (Hero ISL) has always striven to make the experience of our fans a more pleasurable one over the last six seasons. After breaking records across all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) during the 2019-20 season, the Hero ISL team would like to ask fans for their opinion on how to improve their Hero ISL experience.

After a successful sixth Hero ISL season both on and off the pitch, fans are invited to take a survey by clicking on the following link – Hero Indian Super League 2019-20 Fan Survey. The survey will ask the fans a wide array of questions, ranging from their preferred social media platform to consume the most Hero ISL content, or the time fans spend on the official Hero Indian Super League mobile application.

The survey also provides fans the opportunity to express their opinions about Hero ISL’s digital platforms, while providing their insight on how we could improve the Hero ISL experience for the fans on social media, website, and the mobile application.

The survey gives the fans an opportunity to decide whether they would like to receive their Hero ISL news on WhatsApp, and whether they would like to view more video content such as goals, celebrations and highlights on the popular social media video application TikTok.

The fans are also informed about the availability of their favourite Hero ISL players on the popular mobile gaming platform FIFA Mobile, with the option of downloading the game from the Hero ISL website. Among other things, the accessibility to Hero ISL merchandise from the website is also mentioned on the survey.

The Hero ISL has always endeavored to provide the best for the fans, and this initiative allows us to connect with football lovers across India and make their experience a more pleasurable one. So please take the Hero Indian Super League 2019-20 Fan Survey and help us improve our ‘game’ for the upcoming Hero ISL 2020-21 season.

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