East Bengal FC head coach Carles Cuadrat wants his side to make better decisions on the pitch as they host FC Goa in the Indian Super League (ISL) at a neutral venue, the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, on Saturday.

It's a "Home – Away from Home" situation for the Red and Gold Brigade, as they had to shift their next home match to a neighbouring state. Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Cuadrat expressed his dissapointment about not being able to play their next home game in Kolkata. However, he believes he needs to make the decision that is best suited for the club

“I feel very sad for our supporters because we are missing one match at home and every match at home is a very good energy and good help from them and we can get extra effort when we have all the fans behind us. At the same time, we have to make good decisions for the club," Cuadrat stated in the pre-match press conference.

“It was my decision to play in Bhubaneshwar. Sorry to the fans, we thought maybe Siliguri was an option, but it was not possible because of the Puja. We will try to go to Bhubaneswar and do our job,” he added.

The Red and Gold Brigade are coming off a disappointing defeat at the hands of Bengaluru FC in Matchweek 3. The Spaniard did not appear too dejected about the previous defeat, as he believes that his team has shown a positive performance in all the matches they have played, even in their narrow defeat against Bengaluru FC.

"I think that we are nice at both home and away games because we played good football at Kanteerava. We were the best team on the pitch by quite a big margin but in the end, football is a game that you have to win to get three points and unfortunately, we got zero points. We know that we are going to lose the home support but I think that we are a century-old club with a legacy behind us but it is true that we have only been in the ISL for three seasons. So I think we have to win the respect of Indian Football again," Cuadrat explained.

The Spaniard addressed the team's response during the subsequent international break. He emphasized that during this break, he had a valuable opportunity to introduce and work on a range of new strategies and aspects to enhance the team's performance.

"I like to take advantage of the break for various reasons. You can try new tactics; and improve the physicality of the players. We want to play against Goa and don't want to postpone the game because we feel that we are in a good physical condition to play so that is the reason why we have been working and getting the team ready for the next battles that are going to happen," he said.

“We do not have a problem with finishing. We were doing a lot of finishing, and crossing training. Yesterday it was defensive training so we touched every aspect as professionals of the game. Tomorrow will be set-piece training so we have a plan and we work on that. The players know that some decisions have to be taken better and they are improving on that. We do not have a problem with goals. We are creating chances and we will definitely score goals," Cuadrat added.

Cuadrat also recognized the strength of FC Goa, emphasizing that they have been a formidable team this season.

"Goa has played two games and got six points so far so they are very efficient. They are building a strong team for the future," he concluded.