Bengaluru FC head coach Gerard Zaragoza will take his Bengaluru FC side to Mumbai in the hope of snatching all three points away from the Islanders on Sunday at the Mumbai Football Arena in the Indian Super League (ISL).

Bengaluru FC, under the guidance of their new coach Zaragoza, have been showing glimpses of their old winning form and currently stand in the ninth position in the league table with 15 points after playing 15 matches.

On the other hand, Mumbai City FC, who have also changed leadership midway through the season, find themselves fifth in the league table with 25 points from 13 matches after a series of mixed results in recent times. In their last encounter in December, Mumbai City FC won (4-0), completely dominating Bengaluru FC. However, in the upcoming match, both teams are looking to get their respective campaigns back on track.

During the pre-match press conference, the coach spoke about the recent busy schedule and expressed satisfaction at having some quality time on the training grounds to strategise ahead of the upcoming match.

"It was good, finally after a long period, we could have some good training, not just recovery and play. We could analyse what Mumbai could do against us, where we can punish them, we were working on this," he said.

"As I said we had some days to rest because (out of) the first three games, two (had) long travel and they (players) were tired. Now it's completely another week, we finished these three games with four points, maybe we could have got even more but as I always say we are looking at the race for the sixth position," he added.

The coach suggested how the team feels no pressure in the race to qualify for this season's playoffs, and rather it gets them motivated.

"Not pressure, it's a goal for us, it's motivation. We need to turn this for the player's good and motivation. For us, qualifying for playoffs again means we are doing our work. We are working to go to Mumbai and bring the three points home," stated Zaragoza.

When asked about the team's new signings and their progress so far, the Spaniard said, "I am really happy with them, you can see that from their arrival, two Indian players are almost playing every time. They add quality to the team, quality with and without the ball and then they are improving every day. Every time they are on the field they are giving us more quality. As much quality you have inside the field, it is better for the team," he added.

Zaragoza shed some light on his thoughts regarding Mumbai City FC, ahead of their upcoming match and whether the game can present a favourable opportunity to face them.

"I don't know if it's a perfect time, they are a good team, they play nice football, at least the football that I consider nice, they have a clear idea what they need to do and they have a very good individuality. It will be a tough game for both, the only thing we are looking forward to is bringing three points home, this is our objective," he said.

Ryan Williams, who is in his first season with the team, was in attendance at the pre-match press conference along with the head coach. The 30-year-old Aussie (who also had once played against Mumbai's new Head Coach Petr Kratky in the A-League), shared his experience about how it felt to get his first goal at home.

"It's good to score when you win, so it was good, everyone worked hard to make sure that one goal was enough, we should have had a few more in the first half, would have made the game easier for us but we ended up getting the three points and that's all that matters," Williams said.

Williams also suggested that the atmosphere of the team has improved in the second half of the season and they have eyes firmly set on the playoff spot.

"We are just taking it game by game, we are excited by the games now, rather than you know sometimes, at the start of the season we felt, like the manager said, 'a little bit of pressure' and now I think that's completely changed," he said.

"Everybody knows what we need to do when we go on the pitch, we have a plan, we have a structure, everybody's working hard and that's the main thing. Sometimes it's not gonna be your day on the ball but if we work hard, there is no reason we can't beat anyone in this league," he concluded.