Marquez: Every player needs to feel important to have a great season

Hyderabad FC announced the arrival of head coach Manolo Marquez last month to replace the departing Albert Roca ahead of Hero Indian Super League (Hero ISL) 2020-21. In an interview with, the Spanish head coach acknowledged the challenges that the upcoming season will present but believes that if Hyderabad are mentally prepared, then his team can enjoy a strong campaign.

“It will be very different for players, coaches and all the people who will be around the team. For me, the mentality will be one of the keys. If the team is prepared mentally, we'll have a good season for sure,” Marquez said.

Hyderabad have made many top signings, including the likes for Joao Victor, Lluis Sastre, Aridane Santana, Odei Onaindia and Fran Sandaza. While discussing the strength and depth of his Hyderabad squad, Marquez seemed confident about enjoying a good season provided all his players can be kept happy and are made to feel equally important.

“Joao and Lluis are great and experienced players but they are different from each other. Obviously, they are two important players for Hyderabad FC and will allow us to play with different systems, but I don’t like to speak only about two players. We’ll have a great season when we make all the players feel important in the team. Every player has their qualities, but they know that the most important thing is to stay in a strong group,” the Hyderabad FC head coach explained.

Expecting a tough season ahead, the Spaniard hopes to field a ‘competitive team’ in every match. “When you arrive at a new club you always wish for better things. I have to be prudent, but we don’t renounce anything. The main goal is to arrive in the best condition possible to the first match of the league, but we have to try and improve in every training session. It’s a short competition and in every game, I want to have a competitive team,” he said.

Marquez has been a part of different football leagues in Spain and Croatia and the Hero ISL presents a new challenge for the 52-year-old. “Given that Hyderabad FC intends to follow the same philosophy which I’ve worked with over so many years, I believe there are common goals already present. Now it’s just about hitting the ground running and imparting those ideologies to the players,” he shared.

“All the different countries have their characteristics. When you move to a new country, you have to adapt to the place with the habits and traditions that they have over there. Football isn’t an exception here. Indian players are better every season and there are a lot of young native players with a great future in the squad,” Marquez concluded.

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