Jorge Ortiz: Goa’s brand of football fits me like a glove

Before Jorge Ortiz signed for Hero Indian Super League (Hero ISL) outfit FC Goa last month, the Spaniard had plenty of other options to choose from. However, the 28-year-old’s excitement for the Gaurs’ project and the fact that he will have several former colleagues and friends playing with him in Goa made his decision to join the club an easy one.

"This year luckily, I had the option to go to other countries, but I decided FC Goa because of the project they have and the interest they showed in me. As I said the club's project and the luck of having colleagues and friends playing there, helped me choose FC Goa to come here because everything I heard about the club, the fans and the city were top notch," Ortiz told

"Speaking with the coach (Juan Ferrando) was essential before signing. As I have said, I share a great relationship with Edu Bedia and am regularly in touch with him. Ivan Gonzalez is also someone I have played with before and we are in contact as well," he added.

Another reason behind Ortiz signing for Goa was the brand of football that the Gaurs are used to playing. He spoke about how Goa’s style of play complements his own while giving us an insight into his mindset as a player. 'It (Goa’s brand of football) fits me like a glove. I love to attack, to dribble, to run at defenders when the opportunity presents itself. Passing the ball is the core to the Spanish style of play and I am brought up with that in my core principle, so everything seems to have come together here,' he said.

'As a player, the only mindset I have is to do everything that the team needs me to do in order to win; nothing else,' Ortiz asserted.

The 28-year-old also feels that Hero ISL 2020-21 happening entirely in Goa isn’t an advantage for them. 'I think it is not an advantage because it is a new scenario, playing in your stadium without the fans is totally different. What makes the stadium special and makes the team stronger for home games is having the stands full, so I think it will be the same for everyone,' Ortiz explained.

'It is very different to play without the fans, I already have experienced the same, so it won’t come as a real jerk or surprise to my system. However, once the referee blows his whistle, our minds will firmly be on the action on the pitch and we will play the style that suits us best. I hope they can be there soon because I have heard very well about the FC Goa fans and the passion for football here,' he added.

While discussing his ambitions with the club for Hero ISL 2020-21, Ortiz said, 'We finished at the top last season and we will look to win it all again this season. I believe that this club must aspire to the maximum and my expectations are to demonstrate the highest possible level and achieve great things.'

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