Jamshedpur FC only play one way and that's to win matches: Head coach Owen Coyle

Owen Coyle, Jamshedpur FC’s head coach, expressed that his team needs to avoid individual errors to get back to their best form in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) while they measure their next opponents in line, Odisha FC who they face at Tilak Maidan Stadium on Tuesday.

Coyle has cautioned that Odisha FC are a very good team and that they need to be clinical to put up a winning performance in Match 29.

Ahead of their clash, Owen Coyle addressed the media during a pre-match press conference.

Here are the excerpts from the coach’s press conference:

Plenty of positives from the previous game but it's still points lost. How do you recover from the Mumbai City game?

Yeah, the easiest way to recover is to go and win your next game against Odisha who's gonna be a tough game, a good side, signed some good players and in good form.

But what we've got to do is get back to our best form. Cut out, obviously, the individual errors we made because we showed what a wonderful team we can be. The spirit, the heart as you mentioned, lots of positives. But equally we have to make sure we address, you know, the individual mistakes were made. Look to cut them out. And if we do that, it will obviously give us a platform to go and try and win games.

Do you think it was a one off result or did the individual errors in the match raise concerns for you?

No, I think with any game you're always going to have individual mistakes. What we have to do is make the mistakes not as glaring as what they were, because really, there was no recovery from the mistakes. Sometimes you can make a mistake from a starting position. Sometimes it can be a misplaced pass. You have different types of errors. The bottom line is that happened. We were hurt by it because we were punished severely, part of because when Mumbai City were clinical.

There will be sometimes you will make those mistakes and not be punished as severely as we were. But that's because of the good side. But what we did show throughout the whole game, not just the second half. We created many, many chances. That's what we have to do and make sure we're clinical because if we do that, we have shown that we can score goals and win games, and that's what we have to do against a very good Odisha team.

Odisha have been a very free flowing team, would we see a pragmatic approach from Jamshedpur or the usual way?

Jamshedpur FC only play one way and that's to win matches. Matches were very respectful of who we play. Absolutely. We recognise the quality, but we don't change. With all due respect. You know, we were a respectful opposition, understanding what they're about, but we have our style of playing. We were playing at a high intensity. We see that we receive the results that can bring when we're at our best. So we have to focus on what we can do at Jamshedpur. If we are our very best, it is a game that we can win, and that's what we have to make sure we have to make sure we're ready to give every ounce of effort with the quality we have to win a tough game against. As I said, a very good Odisha team.

Ishan Pandita made his first ever ISL start, how would you rate his performance and how is he in training?

Yeah, Ishan is a young player, as we have many young players who are going to get better as we move on. And of course, you know, coming in, as you mentioned it was his first ISL start, you equip them. He worked very hard, very unlucky not to score the second goal himself when he was in on the rebound, knocked off obviously with the woodwork. So there's no doubt, certainly in the second half. Ishan should get more of the ball and he looked composed at the right times. He can score goals. We know that what we're trying to do is, with all the young players, is to develop their all round game, and Ishan will benefit from working with us. There's no doubt about it and he'll continue to get better. And he's a great lad. Very good about the place as well, so it's important to be a good player, but it's also very important to be good, the right type, and Ishan is a team player who wants to help his team, and he's fantastic to have in the group.

The defence has been quite sturdy for Jamshedpur last season as well as this season, apart from the Mumbai game. But this season the clean sheets alludes to us, what is the missing link to get a clean sheet?

I think there's been some good teams. I think we've been very enforced. For example, you know, if you talk about clean sheets, we would've had a clean sheet against ATK Mohun Bagan because the boys were two yards offside. So whenever you get a clean sheet because of a poor decision, that's very simple.The bottom line is, we have to. We have to look to try and achieve those clean sheets.

I've got to say there's not been too many in the league this year, but we have to make sure we concentrate on our part. And if we get those clean sheets, of course that gives you a tremendous platform to go and win again because the minimum you have is one point, but knowing that we have the goal threat we have, then we can certainly feel so I think it's getting the balance together, making sure that we're solid at the back, but equally were a real threat when we go forward. If we can achieve that balance, of course, that will lead to winning many, many games.

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