Odisha FC’s interim head coach Kino Garcia is happy with how the team has performed in the recent outing with an improved application of training on the pitch as they prepare to take on FC Goa on Tuesday in their Hero Indian Super League (ISL) 2021-22 match at the Athletic Stadium, in Bambolim.

The two clubs continue to struggle to breach through into the top four with each match proving to be a do-or-die for their semi-final hopes.

Ahead of the clash against FC Goa, Garcia addressed the media during a pre-match press conference and was accompanied by the defender, Gaurav Bora.

Here are the excerpts from the coach’s press conference:

Did the match against Hyderabad FC gave you confidence?

Garcia: I think in the last few matches, the team is performing well, we are improvising in some aspects. We didn’t (just) win or get points but the performance was very good.

What are the positives you took from the loss against Hyderabad FC?

Garcia: The team is brave to replicate the things that we are trying in training. They have the confidence and they have the will of improving. We are trying to create more chances using spaces and also that the team was in good order when we wanted to press. The players are doing what the staff wants to implement.

What are your thoughts on the game against FC Goa?

Garcia: It is going to be a top game. Even FC Goa is not in a good position on the table, I don’t think they deserve that. Depending on how they are playing. They received a goal in an off-side position and they create a lot of chances, they are playing quite well. They also want to keep the ball, in some moments their team is going to struggle because we are not going to have the ball and we will close spaces and we won’t have to disorganise and they can move the ball really well. Our challenge will be to take the ball from them.

With seven games to go, how many wins are you targeting?

Garcia: As many as we can. If I say seven, I know in football that is impossible. We are not thinking that though, we are thinking of winning against Goa, then focusing on SC East Bengal and going week by week.

Here are the excerpts from Bora’s press conference:

How has the season been so far for you?

Bora: It has been good. We have been working really hard with everyone. Been improving with coaches and everybody.

What is it like to play alongside experienced players like Hector (Rodas) and Victor (Mongil)?

Bora: It is a good learning experience for me. They have played at the top level and learning from them is a proud moment for me and I’m taking all the necessary lessons from them.

What are your personal goals and target for the season?

Bora: I try to improve every day, I try to help the team as much as possible and grow every day.