Hyderabad FC have great team combination, won't be easy to match them: FC Goa’s Juan Ferrando

FC Goa head coach Juan Ferrando felt that his team needs to be attentive in transitional play to secure a third straight win in ther Hero Indian Super League (ISL) as his side battles Hyderabad FC on Saturday at the Athletic Stadium in Bambolim, Goa.

Ferrando heaped praise on Hyderabad FC’s style of play and cautioned his players about their attacking threat while shedding light on focusing only on the next game to avoid any distractions.

Ahead of his side’s clash against Hyderabad FC, the Gaurs’ head coach along with defender Aiban Dohling addressed the media during a pre-match press conference.

Here are the excerpts from the coach’s press conference:

Hyderabad FC have fluidity in their gameplay and love to hit the opposition during transitions. Given FC Goa’s struggle with transitional play, how difficult do you think the game against Hyderabad FC will be?     

Ferrando: It will be a difficult game on Saturday because Hyderabad have a good balance in their team with young players having very good physical condition and with experienced players like Juanan, Hali [Halicharan Narzary], Ogbeche [Bartholomew Ogbeche] which make a great combination for the team.

It is necessary for us to put attention in transitions because sometimes they find the spaces, they know the timing, what is the best moment of transition in attack, what is the best moment to keep calm and be ready for positional attack. Maybe, it’s the best team in the last few games and it’s hard to play their level of football.

The team has started performing well given the last two matches. Do you think at this point Jorge Ortiz’s suspension will harm the momentum your team has been gaining?

Ferrando: The most important thing for me right now is focusing on tomorrow’s game against Hyderabad, it is important that the 29 players in our squad be ready for the game. Of course, injuries exist in this case and one red card in the case of Jorge [Ortiz]. But our focus is only towards the next 90 minutes, the rest of the details are not so important because it’s a distraction for the team.

Data shows throw-ins are being used as an attacking weapon now more than ever. Why do you think that is happening? Does FC Goa spend time training long throw-ins?

Ferrando: It is necessary to prepare all the details. You can’t just repeat things in football and expect success, no, that isn’t the case. Sometimes, the result depends on the game, depends on the moment, depends on the feeling, depends on the emotions, depends on the actions of the players. There are many details to it.

For my team, minute by minute, we have to be confident on the pitch and take further steps by bringing more confidence in the players on the pitch. The game is of 90 minutes, in 90 minutes, the team is in different moments with more or less confidence. There are several details which cannot be controlled in the 90 minutes

Of course, we put a lot of attention in the details, and we put our energy in the spaces where we can improve or control. But, sometimes, it’s necessary to help the team with substitutions or to change the plan of the game depending on the moment.

Here are the excerpts from the player’s press conference:

Do you feel it’s difficult to face Hyderabad FC who are coming into this game with a 5-1 victory against NorthEast United FC in their last game?

Dohling: I believe our last two games, we played as a team, so it really doesn’t concern us about the Hyderabad result against the NorthEast, but we are well prepared for Saturday’s game. We are prepared for every aspect of the game and we’re just looking forward to it. It's a big game and everyone has to give their 100%.

Coach Juan Ferrando implemented the 3-man defence strategy for the last two matches. So, how do you see your role there?

Dohling: Everyone in the team, like me, didn’t have time to prepare for the 3-man defence strategy, but as a player we have to be ready because the coach can change the system anytime. We can play a different system with any team, but we have to be prepared at all times. Everyone in the team is equally important here so we have to be there for each other in any situation in the game.

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