Hyderabad FC head coach Thangboi Singto feels optimistic as his team prepares to host Jamshedpur FC in Matchweek 11 of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2023-24 at the GMC Balayogi Stadium in Hyderabad on Thursday.

Hyderabad FC will be looking to break their winless run when they face the Men of Steel at home. With only four points from ten matches, they currently sit at the bottom of the league table. Similar to Hyderabad FC, the visiting team has also lost six matches. Both teams will be desperate to secure all three points from the fixture to keep their chances of qualifying for the playoffs alive.

The head coach, although satisfied with his team’s performance, is baffled by how they are unable to pull off positive results from all the chances that they create. He believes that his players are doing their best and that good results are bound to come.

“I had been stressing on the sort of satisfaction in terms of performance, of the way we play. We have been trying to find out ways and means, how to convert the chances we create, and it doesn't really happen. Speaking of the boys, speaking of the team and staff, our efforts are there every day—during training, and, of course, in the matches. We aim to play better and improve, starting on a positive note in terms of points. It has to happen,” Singto stated in the pre-match press conference.  

After two away games, the Yellow and Black will be back at home and eager to take full advantage of the home fans, securing their most desired win before heading for the break. He believes his team can use a breather to come back stronger in the second half of the league season.

Singto emphasized how everyone involved with the team deserves something better, "We are very, very happy to be back in Hyderabad because this is our home. This is our fortress, as we say. And, for everyone involved with Hyderabad FC, I think we deserve something good, something better.”

“And, before Christmas, hopefully, in terms of results, will be something good for the team and for the fans,” he added with optimism. 

"We have to go for maximum points because, like I said, before the break, we want everybody to be going for a little bit of a breather, and a good result definitely will help us at this for a while, (to) sit back and hopefully come back stronger in the second leg (of the league). So, yes, tomorrow, we have to win," Singto continued.

The tactician acknowledges the competitiveness of the game, and he believes the result will once again depend on how the team performs on the pitch.

Singto said, “The results will take care of itself if we give our best, and if we play as a cohesive unit, the players, we can motivate them from the bench. But when they go to the pitch, I think the players are the real (deal), the players (are) who can make a difference. And, I believe that it would be a good match. Tough match, but a good match, competitive match.”

Australian forward Joseph Knowles accompanied Singto to the press conference. Primarily a winger, Knowles was asked to play as a centre forward in a few matches, mostly due to the absence of Jonathan Moya.

Speaking on his role for the team, Knowles said, "I'm kind of used to that position as well. And at the end of the day, you've got to do what you've got to do for the team. The team needed someone more physical up top. And we don't have the tallest of wingers. So I think I was the only option really to go back up there. But I liked it. I enjoyed it up there."