Bengal trio ‘take over’ ATKMB’s Social Media handles to announce new campaign

Laughter’s galore as ATK Mohun Bagan’s Prabir Das, Pritam Kotal, and Subhasish Bose took command of their clubs’ Social Media channels citing that their Media team under quarantine were not ‘active enough’.

Pritam remarked, “Those who look after our social media handles, perhaps, under quarantine like us and can’t get out of their rooms to run our social pages. That’s why we (the players) are planning to run them”.

“I observed in last few days, there was hardly any activity on our social pages. Despite recording so many photos and videos, there were few posts on our page. I think the social people are in quarantine and busy playing games. Then, what should we do?” Pritam said to Prabir and Subashish after he began a virtual meeting them.

Subhasish proposed to control the handle on their own and others agreed with him. However, after posting some content, they realised, it's not their cup of tea, especially, during the season.

“It is difficult for us to play both, footballers and social page admins. Especially, during the season. That’s why, we can ask our admins that we can do something new,” added Pritam.

Then, Subhasish proposed for a new hashtag ahead of the Hero Indian Super League 2021-22 season, saying, “Why can’t we make a new hashtag? I had a dream to sport green and maroon jersey since my childhood. These colors are so emotional for everyone associated with this club.”

Pritam, endorsing his proposed, “Fans are everything to us. They support us leaving everything behind them and they are mad for our colors - green and maroon. Therefore, we can make a hashtag on our colors.”

“In my early Mohun Bagan days, I heard fans chanting so many slogans around our jersey colors. We should keep them happy with our new initiative,” Prabir added.  

Finally, Pritam disclosed their plan and they revealed #AmraSobujMaroon as their latest hashtag as they don the Maroon and Green with pride in the upcoming Hero ISL 2021-22 season.

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