ATK Mohun Bagan are a club with big ambitions and it’s a great job for me: Head coach Juan Ferrando

ATK Mohun Bagan head coach Juan Ferrando was pleased to be in his new role and felt the real work with his team will start from the next day as the Mariners beat NorthEast United FC 3-2 at the PJN stadium in Margao, Goa on Tuesday.

Ferrando was appointed as the new head coach of the team replacing Antonio Habas who was relieved of his duties last week.

With very little time to prepare, Ferrando revealed that he only spoke about a few tactical and psychological aspects with the team before the match.

The Spaniard though was impressed with the spirit in the team during the match.

Ferrando spoke to the media after the game.

Here are the excerpts from his press conference:

You stepped into the job at the very last minute. What message did you give the fans before the game?

I was talking about tactics, about the space, about how to use this space and other tactical details because I didn't have time to work with the team.

We saw different tactical elements in the game as compared to the previous coach. How did you implement that and how successful was it?

For me, it was more about talking about the psychological aspects than tactical aspects. It is difficult because they changed the coach. But obviously they know me and how I like to play with high press. But there were some mistakes today in possession, in attack and it was necessary for me to talk to the players. It's normal. But I hope day by day they improve, they like this style and they improve as a team in this methodology.

What is your take on the performance of the team? What are the positives and what can be worked on?

The first thing is that they have a good spirit to work together as a team. This is basic. Secondly, from my point of view there are many details. In the future, we will see day by day what happens with the players. It's difficult to work as all the time you have one game per week or maybe two games and it makes it very difficult to work on tactical decisions.

What do you make of the fitness levels of the team? You benched big-money signing like Joni Kauko, you brought on David Williams late on. How do you think you will shuffle the pack going forward?

So I decided on the line-up keeping in mind my idea of football. But now it's a new chapter tomorrow and all the players start a new day. We will see what happens in the future. It depends on the plan, it depends on a lot of details. It is necessary work and we will see what happens.

You coached a club that was the first team to play the AFC Champions League in India and you are coming to a club that has rich tradition and history. What do you think about your personal journey?

This club has a very good atmosphere, there are a lot of supporters and for me it's a great job to work in this moment because they have a lot of ambition. I'm happy to be here in this club.

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