Mourtada Fall: The job isn’t finished yet

Sitting pretty with a 5-1 cushion from the first leg, FC Goa will host Mumbai City FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa in the second leg of their semi-final encounter on Tuesday.

Before the match, interviewed the Hero of the Match of the first leg, Mourtada Fall. Here's what the Goa defender had to say.

Was the 5-1 result in the first leg something that you expected?

Yeah, of course. 5-1 in the first leg is very good for us. But, for me and the team, it's not finished yet. We have the second leg coming up and we will play the same way.

Would you consider the job done with the five important away goals?

We are not finished. This is football. Like I told you, the job is never done. We don't know what we will be up against.  As you can see, many times in high levels of football, you can win 4-0 and still lose 5-0. This is football. We will play like the first leg and try to win this match. We won't be relaxed.

You scored two crucial goals in the first leg. Was that a specific plan to surprise their defence?

There was no strategy because we have been working on the set-pieces and we are always trying to score from them. Because, sometimes, our strikers do not get the opportunity to score. So, we need to help during free-kicks and try to score.

Though Mumbai City FC have a huge mountain to climb, are you wary of their attacking threat?

I respect Modou Sougou. I respect all players of Mumbai City FC. Our job is to not concede goals and try to win this match, and that is with any team, not only Mumbai City FC. If we do our job well, it will be a good match.

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