When Mohun Bagan Super Giant last visited the Mumbai Football Arena to face Mumbai City FC in the ISL, it treated fans to a captivating spectacle. Two teams with distinct attacking styles engaged in a thrilling contest, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats from the first whistle to the final one. The match concluded with a 2-2 draw, marked by late drama as Mohun Bagan SG secured a late equaliser, resulting in a fair outcome.

Plenty at stake

As Mohun Bagan SG embark on another clash with Mumbai City FC in Mumbai, a match-up between the defending ISL Cup and League winners, Tuesday's encounter remains shrouded in uncertainty.

The narratives are compelling, with Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC among the three unbeaten sides in the league. Mohun Bagan SG's outstanding form, winning six of seven matches and boasting 19 points, puts them just one point behind leaders FC Goa, marking their longest unbeaten run in ISL history.

However, overcoming Mumbai City FC in the league has proven challenging for Mohun Bagan SG. The Mariners are yet to secure a victory against their opponents in seven meetings, including a loss in the 2020-21 final. Another win for Mumbai City FC would send them level on points with the Mariners, heightening the importance of this contest.

For Mumbai City FC's head coach Petr Kratky, it poses another tricky challenge as he seeks his first win, while Mohun Bagan SG's Juan Ferrando will have chalked up some plans to counter Kratky’s system, setting the stage for an intriguing tactical battle.

Yet, setting aside tactics and plans, Tuesday’s result may favour the team displaying temperament and handling pressure effectively.

Mohun Bagan SG boasts an impressive 13-game unbeaten streak in the ISL, with their last defeat dating back to the 2022-23 season. Similarly, Mumbai City FC has not experienced a loss in their last nine ISL matches.

Handling game situations well

The hallmark of elite football teams lies in their ability to consistently secure victories, a crucial factor contributing to the unbeaten starts enjoyed by both Mumbai City FC and Mohun Bagan SG this season.

Significantly, beyond the 60th-minute mark, when energy and concentration often wane, both teams have demonstrated efficiency. Mumbai City FC has scored six goals post the 60th minute, while Mohun Bagan SG has netted seven. Notably, four goals from each team have materialised in the 76-90th minute period.

In terms of defensive solidity, both Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC have minimised goals conceded late in the game, contributing to their success and positioning in the top half of the table.

Both Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC have shown resilience while defending late in matches. The Islanders have conceded only two goals after the 60th minute, whereas Juan Ferrando's side has shipped just one goal during this late phase.

These statistics underscore the reasons Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai City FC have accumulated numerous points this season, securing positions in the top half of the table - a testament to their effectiveness at both offensive and defensive ends.

As Tuesday's match approaches, both teams are aware of the unpredictable nature of where either side could emerge victorious. Yet, the team that remains composed under pressure and navigates challenging situations adeptly is likely to be the one claiming the coveted three points.