In the game of football, passing is not only a fundamental technique but also the most frequently used one. It serves as the cornerstone for developing tactical plans and executing them successfully. Without the ability to pass the ball accurately and efficiently, the team's possession is compromised, and the ability to dictate the course of the game is hindered. Therefore, mastering the art of passing is an essential skill for any player's repertoire.

A footballer's foot must be prepared to strike long balls accurately at a moment's notice, while also executing short-range passes with finesse. Teams that excel in ball possession feature players with diverse passing techniques, who possess the awareness to choose the right pass for the right situation. 

With that, here's a look at the players that have made the most successful passes in ISL 2023-24.

Ahmed Jahouh - Odisha FC (1022 passes) 

Jahouh has emerged as the midfield maestro for Odisha FC, showcasing his seasoned expertise under the guidance of head coach Sergio Lobera this season. Having reunited with Lobera at Odisha FC this season, Jahouh has logged an impressive 1362 minutes on the field, playing a pivotal role in Odisha FC's build-up play from the defence.

With two goals and three assists to his credit, the Moroccan midfielder maintains an average of 78 passes per game across his 16 league appearances. Notably, he boasts an impressive passing accuracy of 81%, having completing a total of 1022 passes, including 27 key passes. This performance secures him the top spot on our list of the top five players with the most successful passes.

Chinglensana Singh - Bengaluru FC (785 passes)

Renowned for his adeptness as a ball-playing defender, Chinglensana Singh of Bengaluru FC stands out as the Indian player with the highest number of successful passes. The 27-year-old defender previously represented Hyderabad FC before joining Bengaluru FC during the January transfer window.

Throughout the season, Singh has featured in 17 matches, maintaining two clean sheets, both achieved while donning the Bengaluru FC jersey. Accumulating a total of 1517 minutes on the pitch, he impressively averages 54 successful passes per game, boasting an exceptional passing accuracy of 84% across all his appearances.

Hailing from Manipur, Singh's prowess as a confident ball-playing centre-back is evident in his tally of 785 completed passes, further solidifying his reputation as one the finest ball-playing defenders in India.

Joao Victor - Hyderabad FC (739 passes)

Victor has emerged as the linchpin in midfield for Hyderabad FC this season, despite the team going through various challenges, including the departure of several key players. Despite the adversities, the Brazilian midfielder has remained a standout performer.

Serving as the captain of Hyderabad FC, Victor currently averages 52 passes per game. Moreover, he has been instrumental in creating scoring opportunities, contributing eight goal-scoring chances and eight key passes.

Impressively, Victor boasts a phenomenal passing accuracy of 87%, underscoring his precision in passing. Throughout the season, he has executed a total of 739 successful passes from 1342 minutes played.

Puitea - Odisha FC (736 passes)

Puitea of Odisha FC marks the second inclusion from the Sergio Lobera-led squad in our compilation of the top five players with the highest successful passes. The 26-year-old Indian midfielder has featured in 17 league games, contributing a goal and an assist to Odisha FC's campaign.

Passing stands out as one of Puitea's key attributes, as he averages an impressive 50 passes per game with a remarkable passing accuracy of 86% throughout the season. Positioned in the heart of the midfield, Puitea has played a crucial role in orchestrating Odisha FC's gameplay, creating 11 goal-scoring chances while delivering 10 key passes for the Kalinga Warriors.

His impact is further underscored by his total tally of 736 successful passes, positioning him second only to Chinglensana Singh in the list of Indian players with the most successful passes. 

Carlos Delgado - Odisha FC (736 passes)

Completing our top five list is Carlos Delgado from Odisha FC, boasting an impressive tally of 736 successful passes. This statistic underscores the mastery of the passing game by Lobera's side this season, a key factor in their success as they have already secured a playoff spot with four matches still to play.

33-year-old center-back Delgado has been instrumental in Odisha FC's success this season, serving as a linchpin in defense while facilitating ball progression up the field. The Spaniard maintains an average of 46 successful passes per game, coupled with an exceptional passing accuracy of 88%, reflecting his precision and proficiency on the ball throughout his 1389 minutes on the pitch.