Interception means reading your opponent's moves and stealing the ball to regain possession and enjoy more time on the ball. One who is good at intercepting helps his team take control of the ball soon after losing position. So, it helps your team take control of the field with more ball possession.

To intercept the ball, one needs to be good at anticipating and should have their eyes fixed on the ball. Interception has now become an essential skill for all players, both attackers and defenders as teams try to defend from the front.

If we tactically analyse any match, we can find so many perspectives within a single match that settle the ultimate result of the match. As Indian Super League (ISL) 2023–24 has completed matchweek 6, let's take a look at the players who completed more interceptions.

Pritam Kotal: 16 interceptions

Kerala Blasters FC’s Pritam Kotal has expressed himself as the leader of their defensive third with his standout performances at the back in the first six matches. The Bengali defender has carried on his commanding performance for his new team, guiding his players in the absence of experienced foreign defenders.

Kotal has made it to the top of the list with 16 interceptions to his name. His quick anticipation helps him make a smart interceptor, which makes him a valuable asset for his team’s defensive line.

Nikhil Prabhu: 14 interceptions

Nikhil Prabhu has made 14 interceptions in ISL 2023-24, making him second on the list. Prabhu excelled in his performance, showing his importance in Punjab FC’s defensive third. Though the Shers failed to keep any clean sheets in their first seven matches, Prabhu has looked better than his teammates in terms of defending.

Slavko Damjanovic: 12 interceptions

Slavko Damjanovic is known for his fast interceptions and strong presence at the back. The Montenegrin defender made 12 interceptions in the league, making him the only foreign defender to make it onto the list.

His partnership with Aleksandar Jovanovic adds more strength to Bengaluru FC’s defensive line. The Blues’ defensive solidity is mostly dependent on their performance.

Ankit Mukherjee: 11 interceptions:

Ankit Mukherjee has also joined the list, with 11 interceptions to his name. The Bengali fullback looked pretty well this season under head coach Owen Coyle. With quick overlapping and solid defending, it seems like Mukherjee is getting into his form, which will be beneficial for Chennaiyin FC.

Amey Ranawade: 10 interceptions

Reuniting with his former boss Sergio Lobera at Odisha FC, Amey Ranawade has displayed notable improvement in his performances. The versatile defender, who made 10 interceptions by the end of matchweek 6, has also looked a threat at the other end.

Adrian Luna: 10 interceptions

Since joining Kerala Blasters FC, Adrian Luna has been the most effective player for the Yellow Army. With his outstanding goals, individual brilliance, and appreciative performances, he proved his worth over time.

Luna’s work rate is second to none. The effort he puts into a match is incomparable to others. As long as he is on the field, you can find him everywhere on the pitch. Wherever the ball goes, Luna moves there. Luna is the only forward to be placed on the list with 10 interceptions.