The highly-anticipated Hero Indian Super League 2022-23 (ISL) matchup between Bengaluru FC and Hyderabad FC is set to take place this weekend. Although there haven’t been many goals scored between these two teams over the years, both clubs boast goal scorers of the highest calibre. Bengaluru FC and Hyderabad FC have faced off against one another seven times in all competitions, with Bengaluru FC winning twice and Hyderabad FC earning two victories each.

The other three times, the teams have drawn a point each. In terms of goal scorers, the match features three of the top five forwards in Hero ISL history. Bartholomew Ogbeche of Hyderabad FC is in first place on the Hero ISL scoring list with 54 goals, followed by Sunil Chhetri of Bengaluru FC in second with 51 goals, and Roy Krishna of Bengaluru FC once more lies in fourth with 37 goals.

Bart Ogbeche has scored the most goals out of the three since Roy Krishna made his Hero ISL debut in 2019 (42 goals), but Krishna is ahead when it comes to goal contributions made (37G + 18A - 55 goal involvements) since 2019, which puts him at the top. Ogbeche has contributed to 47 goals (42G + 5A) throughout that time, whereas Sunil Chhetri has contributed to 24 goals (21G + 3A).

Here's a statistical comparison between the three forwards:

  Roy Krishna Bart Ogbeche Sunil Chhetri
Matches 62 79 116
Matches Started 59 64 109
Minutes 5242 5761 9916
Goals 37 54 51
Goals per 90 mins 0.64 0.84 0.46
Assists 18 7 10
Assists per 90 mins  0.31 0.11 0.09
Shots on target 67 101 142
Shots on target per 90 mins 1.15 1.58 1.29
Shots off target 54 96 111
Shots off target per 90 mins 0.93 1.5 1.01
Shots  158 244 289
Shots per 90 mins 2.71 3.81 2.62
Shot accuracy (percentage) 42.4 41.39 49.13
Minutes per goal 141.61 106.69 194.43
Goal conversion rate (percentage) 23.41 21.72 17.64
Goals per game 0.6 0.68 0.44

Bengaluru FC must deal with a fresh face when it comes to the manager, but they have two reliable players with a tonne of skill and experience in front of the goal. Hyderabad FC are with a seasoned campaigner in the manager’s seat while also in front of the goal. On Saturday, there will be a highly entertaining match between two of the best teams in Hero ISL history, and fans will be eager to watch who will carry their team home.