Official Ball Partner NIVIA unveils match ball for Hero ISL 2021-22

NIVIA – the leading Indian sports manufacturing brand has launched the official match ball for the Hero Indian Super League 2021-22 season named ‘Astra’.

‘Astra’ is a FIFA Pro category approved ball which is the highest quality certification that FIFA can grant on the quality of the ball. The ball has to pass stringent quality parameters in achieving proper bounce, water absorption, roundness, with the final trials occurring at FIFA designated laboratory in Switzerland to get this certification and to be eligible to be used at the highest level of international matches. This certification is a testament to the strictest manufacturing standard upheld at NIVIA.

The story behind

Inspired by the divine art of weaponry, ASTRA’s unique graphic design embodies abstract forms of ancient astras in bold blue and red strokes bringing a dynamic fresh look to the new ISL ball while integrating Indian culture.

What are ‘Astras’?

‘Astra’ is the Sanskrit word for weapons that are used by release from hand. Astras’ are different from ‘shastras’ - shastras are weapons that are held in the hand while in use.

Football is a game that is not about holding a ball in hand like a ‘shastra’ but releasing it with lethal accuracy like an ‘astra’ to its intended target.


The uniquely shaped 8-panel construction gives excellent performance whether moving through air or rolling on the ground.

  • ‘Astra’ football is made using just 8 Panels, thus reducing the seam length by 23%.
  • The reduced seam length reduces air drag, improving aerodynamics to maintain a true flight path. The player can shoot more accurately and precisely.
  • Less seam length reduces space for water uptake, helping the ball maintain its weight in the wettest of conditions.
  • Less seams offer a much larger sweet spot to the players heading the ball.
  • High air retention ensures higher and predictable bounce under all weather conditions.
  • PU micro-fibre leather offers good elasticity, low-temperature resistance and a true feel to touch, while retaining the shape better during play.

NIVIA has been Hero ISL’s official ball partner since the 2018/19 season.

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