Kerala Blasters FC launch logo

Kerala Blasters Team
Kerala Blasters FC squad and team officials at the launch of the team's logo.

Kerala Blasters FC today unveiled its visual identity and branding initiative with the team at a function at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kochi.

The logo is designed to symbolize the heritage, culture, spirit and passion of Kerala and its love for football. The logo is built around the indomitable elephant, reflecting its pride of place in Kerala’s culture and festivities. The elephant is depicted cradling a football within its trunk.

Kerala Team Logo

“The logo reflects the cultural and sporting legacy of Kerala symbolized by the elephant. The elephant is a symbol of strength and pride, rooted in its family and community, reflecting the aspiration and spirit of Kerala Blasters,” commented Prasad Potluri, co-owner of Kerala Blasters FC.

The logo was designed by Brash Brands, a brand design and strategy firm.  John Brash, Brash Brands, said, “The logo was designed after extensive research on the world’s best football clubs. Using the state animal, the elephant, as the starting point, we built an identity around it, reflecting its prominence in Kerala’s culture.”

Present on the occasion were the following people:

  1. 1. David James, Marquee player and manager
  2. 2. Trevor Morgan, coach 
  3. 3. James McAllister - asst. coach
  4. 4. Michael Chopra 
  5. 5. Andrew Barisic
  6. 6. Iain Hume
  7. 7. Victor Herrero Forcado
  8. 8. Penn Orji
  9. 9. Mehtab Hossain
  10. 10. Godwin Franco
  11. 11. Renedy Singh
  12. 12. Milagres Gonsalves
  13. 13. Ramandeep Singh
  14. 14. Luis Barreto
  15. 15. Sushant Mathew
  16. 16. C S Sabeeth
  17. 17. Nirmal Chettri
  18. 18. Avinabo Bag
  19. 19. Sandip Nandy
  20. 20. Erwin Spitzner
  21. 21. Pedro Adriano Gusmao


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