The Jamshedpur Golden Baby League has completed Week 20 since its return on 26th February 2023, with as many as 959 students participating across the five existing age categories in what is the longest Baby League in the country.

This is a significant number in Jamshedpur FC’s pursuit to establish the biggest and most advanced grassroots program in the country, with an even higher number of students expected to join the ever-expanding Baby League.

The second edition of the Jamshedpur Golden Baby League 2023, hosted by Jamshedpur FC in conjunction with Jharkhand Football Association (JFA), Jharkhand Sporting Association (JSA), and backed by Reliance Foundation has been divided into U5, U7, U9, U11 and U13 categories for the benefit of kids across the city.

The 10-month long tournament is being held every Sunday morning at the Archery ground at JRD Tata Sports Complex to nurture development and add to the existing grassroots schools program run by Jamshedpur FC during the week after school hours.

A total of 686 students turned up for the Baby League this Sunday, with 113 students participating in the U5s, 174 students in the U7s, 159 students in the U9s, 130 students in the U11s, and 110 in the U13s.

The U5s and U7s played 14 matches each, while 6 matches each were played by the U11s and 5 matches by the U13s. The U9s played 10 matches this Sunday.

The following are the results from this week’s Baby League action:

U5 category:

Hill Top School Little Stars 5-2 Blue Rangers

Black Panthers 2-5 DAV Blasters

Hill Top School Blasters 3-0 Target FC

Mardi Angels 0-6 Wakanda ki Sena

Hill Top School Little Stars 2-0 Jamshedpur Fighters

Blue Rangers 1-1 Target FC

Barbie Girls FC 0-3 Black Panthers

Hill Top School Blasters 0-8 Jamshedpur Fighters

Three Star 1-4 DAV Blasters

Sagar Star 5-0 Rocky Star

Veer Star 2-5 Barbie Girls FC

Three Star 4-1 Loyola Tik-Tok

Sagar Star 3-0 Girls United

Mardi Angels 8-1 Jamshedpur Colts

U7 category:

Biswajit Manimela Tigers 3-0 JPS Jaguars

Rolling Thunder 0-4 Jharkhand Tigers

LPS Tigress 0-1 Biswajit Manimela Tigers

Fearless Girls 0-0 Young Guns

Hill Top School Little Challengers 0-3 JPS Jaguars

Fighting Ducks 0-3 PJP U7

Queens FC 0-4 Seven Stars Club

White Ninjas 1-3 Hill Top School Little Challengers

Girls Soccer 2-2 Rolling Thunder

LPS Panthers 0-2 Fighting Ducks

LPS Tigress 1-1 PJP U7

Red Head Busters 1-1 Girls Soccer

Golden Boys 2-0 DAV Geniuses

Black Dragons Loyola 0-3 DAV Pro FC

U9 category:

Carmel Warriors 0-5 Carmel Fighters

Carmel Eagles 0-2 JPS Juniors

Loyola Avengers 1-2 Mountain Lions

Loyola Panthers 0-3 Loyola Soccer Army

Loyola Power Rangers 3-0 Biswajit Manimela Tigers

JPS Warriors 0-0 Return Back 49

Messi FC 1-2 Red Devils

Return Back 49 0-1 German XI

Messi FC 1-2 DAV FC

DAV Dark Horses 0-8 Red Devils

U11 category:

Loyola Fighters 2-2 Fire Giants

Loyola Platoons 1-0 Red Dragons Loyola

JPS Kings 0-5 Dimna Boys FC

PJP Young XI 2-0 JPS Lions

Red Dragons Loyola 0-1 Hill Top School Greenwood

Dalma Hill Top 3-0 Biswajit Manimela Tigers

U13 category:

Dobo FC 3-0 LPS Tsunami FC

LPS Tufan FC 4-0 DAV Boca Juniors

Undefeatable FC 3-0 Bhalubasa FC

I-N FC 3-0 Thunder FC

Jamshedpur Super Kings 0-7 Asra XI