NorthEast United FC head coach Khalid Jamil stated that the team worked hard but the desired results have not followed for his team for various reasons, but the focus is now on their next clash against Bengaluru FC on Friday in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL).

The Highlanders, despite being ruled out of contention for a semi-final finish, are eyeing a win desperately to break the ten-match winless streak.

Head coach Khalid Jamil along with Mohamed Irshad attended the pre-match press conference.

Here are excerpts from the press conference:

Your opponents tomorrow Bengaluru FC have been in fine form for the last few games. How do you approach this game and what are your views about your opponents?

Jamil: They have experienced players, their team is so good, they're also working hard but we have also prepared very well, so, will not take this match lightly we have to finish the season. That is why everybody knows that it is a serious game.

Last season, under your guidance, NorthEast United FC played out a phenomenal patch of games but this season it has been very different. What do you think made that difference and why the team couldn't hit the same form?

Jamil: We should not think about last year, this is a new season. And talking about this season, yes, everybody worked hard but we didn’t get the result for many reasons. Still, we have three matches, so we must think about it that will be a better solution.

What will be NorthEast’s objective in the last three matches?

Jamil: We are talking about it, we are thinking about Friday's game, so, it is the best thing we must think about Bengaluru FC match, then we have to see what is there.

Here are excerpts from Irshad’s press conference:

How difficult is it for players to keep their heads in the game when the results are not coming and keep themselves motivated?

Irshad: It is very difficult but we are giving our 100% but in the match, I don't know what happened but we're all giving our 100% but the next three matches will be crucial for us. We have to play for our fans so we are going to win the next three matches so we are focused on that.

You're playing in a different role this season, you scored a few goals too. How has been your time with the Highlanders?

Irshad: It's been good but unfortunately, we didn't get the results we wanted. But I got time to play. I did my hard work to win but unfortunately, we didn't get the result. We will try again.