Jamshedpur FC head coach Aidy Boothroyd confirmed that they are still aiming for the playoff spot as Jamshedpur FC host FC Goa in the reverse fixture of the Hero Indian Super League (ISL). at the JRD Tata Sports Complex, in Jamshedpur, on Thursday.

The reigning League Shield Winners are having a forgettable season so far, winning only one game and sit at the 10th position in the table. Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Boothroyd mentioned that he is in charge of the team so it is down to him to get the results, but with the trust of the management by his side, he is hopeful of turning things around with new signings in the transfer window.

FC Goa beat Jamshedpur FC by 3-0 in November at the Fatorda, and since then, the Red Miners have lost all their matches. However, the Jamshedpur FC head coach sees this reverse fixture as a chance to get back to their winning ways.

Here are the excerpts from Boothroyd's conference:

How would you assess the season so far and. what do you think you need to do to make a comeback?

I find this season so far horrific. I think it's been a very, very tough few months for everybody. In terms of how we change it around and how we can get back to winning ways? I would say that the key thing is that the players. Getting the right players so we'll be active in January (transfer window) and rebuild, and go again.

You're a great coach and it's a great team that you have with you. But for some reason a spark seems to be missing and is there may be a team work issue or what do you think is the reason behind the team not being able to cross a particular target?

First of all, I have to say that the support that I've had from within the club and outside the club personally has been fantastic so that's very much appreciated. In terms of where the club is up, Greg Stewart, the best player in the league, is leaving and going to (another team) in the same league, in my opinion has made a big difference. Pronay (Halder) who was with us before leaving, was a key player. In terms of the players (with us), some of the players were just at the tip of starting to be too old to play and it's fair to say that some of the most senior players in the team made the most mistakes earlier on in the season.

There is never one reason. There's always lots of different reasons. In terms of a spark, I think in a lot of our games the mistakes that were made were avoidable. Where we are right now in terms of the team, the team is reforming, so bringing Rafa (Crivellaro) in, is a big plus for us. Vishal Yadhav has got a very, very bright future ahead of him and he is obviously in the team keeping TP Rehenesh out, who is obviously a very good goalkeeper as well. So we've got some competition for places as players are coming back. We've got injured players going back. 

Laldinpuia trained fully on Wednesday and is fit. Germanpreet (Singh) is still injured, still struggling, but we're getting players back. We are bringing players in and in January, we will be able to bring plays in as well. So the club is at a place where it's tough. It is very tough at the moment, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. An example of Vishal Yadhav being in the team is a great example of the way that the club is going in and how we're working.

As the coach what do you think is your role in this debacle?

I think. Whoever the coach was, they have to go through this cycle in my opinion. So in terms of a debacle, people will see where the club was, where the club is now and presume a lot of things. But the reasons that I have just mentioned are reasons, not excuses. It doesn't matter who the coach is, a team has to go through this cycle to come up on the other side to be reborn and go again. That's what I think.

So what's my role? Well I'm in charge so it is down to me, it is going to be down to me and I accept that. Hopefully. the way that I work and my record would suggest that I have been in these places before because every team goes through it. I've come through it the other side and seen how much more positive it can be if a coach is giving the time to put it right, which thankfully I'm getting.

Farukh Choudhary started the season in the midfield but now he is in on the left field, So is it a tactical decision or forced one? And what will be his future position in the team?

Well, it's a mixture of both. Farukh (Choudhary) is a very good player, played in a number of different positions, which is a strength. I'm sure he will be back in the team again. We will see that (about his position). In this moment of time, we need to get points on the board and players at the moment will get us those points. He will definitely play a part in getting the points but right now he is not in the team.

We are halfway through the season now and what is the goal for Jamshedpur FC? Do you think the team can make it into the playoffs?

I think when January comes, you'll see a different team. I think you'll see a team that can attack, without being afraid of scoring goals, which will be a lot more mature and we're still aiming for that top six spot like everybody else is. It will be a tough call. But I think we can do it, providing we get what we need to finish the job off.

We've got to a point where we are in the halfway point this season and we get a chance to play all our opponents that we played once again so it's in our hands. If we beat those teams and we put ourselves back in the season.