Bengaluru FC's head coach Gerard Zaragoza felt a few moments cost his team the game as they went down 0-2 against Mumbai City FC at the Mumbai Football Arena on Sunday.

Bengaluru FC kept the Islanders at bay for most of the first half, but it proved hard for the Blues to keep Vikram Partap Singh from earning his first brace this season.

Bengaluru FC came close to getting on the scoresheet having registered six shots, double that of Mumbai. This was summed up by coach Zaragoza's comments on his opponents after the match.

"That's the difference today, you know, Mumbai's in the top four because of something. I think my players gave everything, I think that we played a good game, and afterwards, when I analyse, I will see some amazing things," he said at the post-match press conference.

He spoke about how he thought it was the inability to convert the chances, which was the crux of their loss tonight.

"We had to score, fact! I think when you lose, that's true, but I think we dominated the game, at least in the first half. Then with 1-0, you need to work, work, work," he added. 

He also stated that coach Kratky and his team had to deviate from their normal approach, mostly due to how Bengaluru FC played.

"I didn't see today Mumbai playing as they like, as they move the ball from back, they crossed many times, they came short because of my players," he said.

"But they punished us. They had 3-4 shots on goal and scored two goals. We made 3 or 4 shots also but didn't score, and football is like this," he added.

Finally, he talked about his approach moving forward and about their polar opposite home and away forms this season.

"We go game by game, now the most important is to win Hyderabad FC at home. I am not thinking we win or lose at home, I am not thinking this, I am only thinking next match. I am thinking of getting the maximum points possible because we deserve to be on top," he concluded.