We must continue to adapt and develop our style: Mumbai City FC’s Des Buckingham

Mumbai City FC head coach Des Buckingham believes consistency has been the primary reason behind their success so far this season of the Hero Indian Super League (ISL).

Ahead of the clash against NorthEast United FC, Buckingham has expressed that the club will continue to adapt and evolve their style of play in order to remain at the forefront of competition.

The head coach along with defender Rahul Bheke addressed the media during a pre-match press conference.

Here are the excerpts of Buckingham’s press conference:

What have you learned from the previous match against Kerala Blasters FC? And what are your thoughts on the match against NorthEast United FC?

Buckingham: We're learning as this season goes on regardless of where teams are on the table right now.Any team in this league is capable of beating anybody. We've seen examples of that, not just in our games, but we've seen examples of that in the most recent games of the last round or two.

So it's important regardless of what's going on in other clubs and who's available and who isn’t, that we approach and prepare for every team that we play as well as we possibly can.We know how much it means to beat the reigning champions because we've seen it now on two occasions.

The teams that have defeated Mumbai this season have managed to press Apuia and Ahmed Jahouh as a result of which Mumbai faced difficulties playing out from the back. Does Mumbai have a plan B to tackle this?

Buckingham: Yes, we do. It will be in full view. If teams want to press our two sixes, we need to take advantage of the other spaces in the field. And that's something we've worked hard on. We've had a bit of a break over the last six or seven days, but we've trained four or five times on the field.

So we'll continue to adapt and develop our style and that includes making sure that we've got different ways of if we can't play through teams with the two sixes, we need to be better at playing around or playing over at times. And if we can't do the first one, we'll take the better option of the second before we can go back to playing through.

Mumbai's fullbacks have not created a lot of chances offensively. Is that due to your tactical set-up or have the full-backs not been able to perform at the best?

Buckingham: It's a learning for everybody right now. It said it's we've had a lot of changes at the club and I think that we go back to the start of the season. We had a mass change of staff. We've had 11 new players come into the group and there are big changes. So it takes sometimes it takes time to get the message across and for people to see where they fit and how we fit and how we want to develop.

You've had a good run so far, a few losses, a couple of losses here in there. But when you do have a loss, what's your mindset and message to the team?

Buckingham: Yeah, the biggest thing for us has been consistency. Consistency in terms of how we behave around this bio bubble, consistency around how we train and consistency around how we approach meetings and games because, in the context of seven games, I think we played extremely well in six, obviously the last game we're playing with 10 is it is a different type of game and the points that we've managed to pick up on that way whilst also playing some good football is very pleased and it's good, it's a good start.

Here are the excerpts from Bheke’s press conference:

You are in line to make a milestone appearance tomorrow as your 100th match. How has been the journey so far for you? What is your advice to youngsters?

Bheke: It's been an incredible journey for me. Started from Kerala blasters and now I'm playing for my home team and it's great. I can say it's a huge milestone in my career. So, but it's important that tomorrow we have a very important game personally. It's a huge milestone but an important game for our team and we have to bounce back on our winning ways.

Obviously the players, youngsters who were uh coming up and trying to do the best and helping their teams.

So my only guidance for them will be that they keep working hard, keep patience and always be ready to help their team whenever they are needed. So that's the one thing I would like to tell the youngsters.

What has been your experience with the coach and the players? How is the mood in the camp so far?

Bheke: It has been good. We have got positive results and we are at the top of the table so far the experience was good with my new coach with my new teammates. So I'm enjoying my time here with my team.

What is your experience playing with Mourtada Fall as he has been very influential in all the seasons so far? And how will the team cope up in his absence?

Bheke: It's a great feeling to play with him. He's one of the leaders in our team and one of the players who has a lot of experience. So he's always there to help me and always there to help the youngsters and always share his experience on and off the field.

So it's a great uh thing for us like for a club we have a leader like him. Obviously, it's a big miss for us for our next game. But surely we have players who are capable of playing in the defence line.

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