Jamshedpur FC head coach Aidy Boothroyd was furious with his side’s defending for Chennaiyin FC’s second goal that helped swing the momentum back in the home side’s favour after Jamshedpur FC had equalised just a minute before during their 1-3 loss against Chennai on Saturday. 

Ishan Pandita got the visitors back in the match only for them to give away two late goals and lose the points. 

Match Report: Super-subs fire Chennaiyin FC to victory against Jamshedpur FC

Boothroyd insisted that his players need to cut down on errors in order to pick up wins this season and urged them to introspect after falling to their third straight defeat. 

Boothroyd addressed the media after the match. Here are the excerpts: 

It is said that you are at your most vulnerable when you just score. What do you make of the late goals that you conceded? Is it down to a lack of concentration? 

I am very angry tonight. I am very angry because I am fortunate to work with a very good group and staff and my job is to make sure that they are the best that they can be. I am thoroughly irritated by the second goal that we conceded. The third one is fine as the game is dead and we are chasing it. The second goal is unprofessional (on our part) and outrageously easy for them. So, I am not very pleased, the players are not very pleased. But we have a choice we can either blame everyone else or look internally and make sure it never happens again. 

If we keep that game at 1-1 for the next ten minutes, we will win that game as we will have the momentum, especially with what went on with their last match here. That was part of our game plan but to give it to your opponent on a plate is infuriating when we work with these great players every single day. 

A lot of the chances that you created were on set pieces. Was it a game plan to rely on set pieces? 

Every time we train, we work on how we are going to build up from the back. Sometimes, it's right to play long and sometimes it's right to play short. But the players are the decision-makers on the pitch. It's not a long pass or a short pass, it's a right pass or a wrong pass and we made some poor decisions. It's important to not concede from set plays but we also got to be able to create from them. To be fair, we have created chances in all of the games that we have had but we want to do better because we want to win games and keep picking up points. 

What is the status of Wellington Priori's injury and what impact did it have on the match? 

We are very unlucky at the minute with our injuries. We have lost a central midfield player in Germanpreet, lost three defenders and lost another player tonight. Our squad is only so deep. But what it does is that it gives people an opportunity. Some of the players took their opportunity tonight and some didn't. My job is to pick everyone up tomorrow for the next game and make sure we get a good result in our next match. 

Wellington has got a groin injury so I doubt he will be available for the next match.

Where did you lose the match? 

I don't think the game is about possession, it's about decision-making on and off the ball. Our decision-making led to poor transitions which meant we were in a bit of trouble. To be honest, we can talk about formations, tactics, styles and expected goals but at the end of the day if you make a mistake as catastrophic as that was after just scoring, then you shouldn't expect to win. 

We have worked hard against the opposition to give us positive momentum and we have given it away. They didn't have to work for it. We gave it to them which is an annoying thing for me. 

Ishan Pandita has been known as a super sub. You started him today and he scored. Do you think he has to improve to be consistently good as a starter? 

I think he wants to be a starter. he is a young player. he needs to practise and get better every day. He is a goalscorer. There is no doubt about that, but like all the players we are pushing him to get more. So there is much more to come from him I am sure. 

One win in six matches for you. Where do you go from here? 

Having injuries doesn't help. We have three now in two games. We have to address that. We have a game that we need to get ready for. So, we can be angry and upset about this one and I am and so are the players but we need to focus, re-focus on us and what we have done well. 

Do the injuries to your players have to do with the travel? No other team has to travel as you have to 

We are not going to move our home ground. It is where it is and it could be a strength for us. India is a big place, so we have to adapt to it and overcome it. So we won't be making any excuses about the travel.