India men's football team defender Sandesh Jhingan believes that the Indian team needs to deliver a result according to their potential against Cambodia and asked the fans to come in numbers to support the team as they start the third round of their AFC Asian Cup qualifiers campaign at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata from Wednesday

Expectations are relatively high for the Indian side in the qualifiers who don't just enjoy home advantage but are also ranked higher than all other sides in the group. Cambodia might be placed in the 171st position in the FIFA World rankings, but there are no pushovers at this level.

Jhingan addressed the media during the pre-match press conference.

Here are the excerpts from the press conference:

How’s the team shaping up for Wednesday’s encounter against Cambodia?

We know what we need to do. I’ve always said that the expectation on the group itself on each other is so high because we know the potential of this Indian team the score is very high, so we know we need to start delivering and that we are motivated and individually as well.

Wednesday's match is almost a sold out. How motivated is this news for you guys?

This is what we dreamt of as a child -- to play in front of packed stadiums. The more the fan comes it’s better. It gives us extra motivation. As always said that playing in a full packed stadium is something we should cherish and so very happy and thankful that everyone showing interest and coming.

Over the years your partners on the defence line kept on changing.  So, is it a concern for you as you lead the defence?

Firstly, I need to make my place prominent. No player has a permanent place. I just need to get myself in the team because in the competition quality is so high. So, every day in training you got to prove yourself. On your partnership question, that's how the modern-day football and the most important thing is understanding.