East Bengal FC head coach Bino George made it clear that his team is aiming for nothing less than three points as they prepare to take on Kerala Blasters FC in the Indian Super League (ISL) at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi on Wednesday.

East Bengal FC's position in the standings has slipped to 11th following Chennaiyin FC's victory over Mohun Bagan Super Giant. With just one playoff spot remaining and five teams vying for it alongside the Red & Golds, they are in dire need of a win against Kerala Blasters FC to keep their playoff aspirations alive.

On the other hand, Kerala Blasters FC has already secured their place in the playoffs following Odisha FC's triumph over Punjab FC. However, despite their playoff berth, they will be keen on bringing joy to their fans in their final home game.

The pre-match press conference commenced with East Bengal FC assistant coach Bino George sharing his sentiments about facing Kerala Blasters FC in his home state.

"Actually I am very happy, it is a joyful moment to be playing in Kerala against Kerala Blasters FC. Nonetheless, the team has a plan to play against them, and we have prepared accordingly. Definitely, we have come here to win. We have come here to get all three points," He said during the pre-match press conference.

During the press conference, the assistant coach was questioned about the tactics he intends to employ when facing the Blasters, particularly considering their formidable home record this season. Ivan Vukomanovic's team has suffered only two home defeats in the ongoing campaign, with their most recent loss at home occurring against Mohun Bagan SG in March.

"We have watched the matches Kerala Blasters FC have previously played in, against other teams. Our team has made a plan according to our preparation to play against the Blasters. So we will go for that," George expressed. 

George expressed his thoughts on playing in Kochi, acknowledging the intimidating atmosphere created by the passionate Kerala Blasters FC supporters. He highlighted the substantial crowd support enjoyed by the Blasters at their home ground, which can pose a challenge for opposing teams.

"Those who are in football and all footballers will be very happy to play against this kind of the fans. I think only East Bengal FC and Mohun Bengal Super Giant have played like this before, in front of so many fans. So again, we have an experience to play like this in front of the (big) crowd. So I think we can survive here."

I'll try my best to prove myself and play well: Aman CK

Aman CK accompanied assistant head coach Bino George during the pre-match press conference ahead of their match against Kerala Blasters FC. The young forward has had limited involvement in East Bengal FC's matches this season, having made only one appearance as a substitute during their goalless draw against Punjab FC.

The 21-year-old expressed his gratitude for the growth, development, and support he has been receiving at East Bengal FC. 

He said, "I am grateful to God that he has made me reach here and to Bino coach, as he brought me to the reserve team. So I came for the trials and I got selected and we played many matches in competitions like CFL, like RDFL. So I played and performed well, and got better. So like that, head coach Carles Cuadrat and coach Dimas gave me a chance in the senior team. I'm thankful to them for this opportunity."

"I'll try my best to prove myself and play well. The fans are so supportive and helpful, and like that management is good and they are helping me to grow more and be better," He added.

The press conference concluded as CK, a youngster from Kochi, shared his thoughts on playing against Kerala Blasters FC in his hometown.

"I feel that it's a great moment, it feels great. Because I am also from Kerala. I feel good playing against the Blasters and their fans. It's like a dream come true, playing against Kerala Blasters FC," He stated as the pre-match press conference came to a close.