Jamshedpur FC suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat in the first leg of their Hero Indian Super League (ISL) semi-final clash to Kerala Blasters FC at the PJN Stadium in Margao, Goa.

JFC head coach Owen Coyle felt that his side should have gotten more out of the game, but has revealed that they will try their best to qualify for the final.

Sahal Samad scored the only goal of the game in the closing phases of play in the first half and sealed the victory in KBFC’s favour.

Match Report: Sahal Abdul Samad gives Kerala Blasters FC the advantage in finely-poised semi-final

Owen Coyle addressed the media after the game.

Here are some excerpts from his press conference:

What does this result mean for the second leg?

It gives Kerala Blasters the advantage for the second leg by one goal, but we could have been three goals up, the first half was some great play and we were terrific for that period.

Then, a great finish for the kid who's a very good player. But defensively, we think we could have done better in that instance. But that being said, they got the goal and then defended in the second half. We kept pushing on, bearing in mind we're decimated by injuries. We were asked to have a quick turnaround in playing games. We're also asked to come into Fatorda to play a home game when Bambolim is our home pitch and really we should not be playing away from home. You should ask the league why Jamshedpur is forced to play in the shortest turnaround and games.

But that being said, it doesn't stop our players. We went on with that, we showed great heart & spirit and real quality. I don't think we played our best in the second half. But we were the team that was pushing on. It's only half-time and we have shown that we know how to win games. And that's what we'll do. We'll be ready for that second leg. We'll see what players we have available. But we keep going with a smiling face. We are the best team in the country for a reason and we'll be ready to show that in a second game.

Did watching you win the League Winner’ Shield, give more motivation to Kerala Blasters FC tonight?

I don't think you need any extra motivation in the semi-finals and the playoffs. But they also knew that they were playing a very good team. We played them four times, twice in the pre-season, and twice in the league, and Kerala Blasters FC has wonderful players. They have terrific players and have shown it all season. So we know it was always gonna be a very good game.

That being said, if you were to analyse the game, then certainly we didn't deserve to lose the game tonight. But we did, because of the margins in this game. We were switched off for one instance, and we weren't clinical when we should have been. Had that been the case, we would be 2-3 goals good. So when you think back to what we're doing in the first half and if we do that, it will result in us getting to the final. And that's what we have to strive to do.

It’s possible that you go to extra-time and penalties in the next game. Is that something you don’t look forward to happening?

The important thing is that we have to score. It's as simple as that, we have to score in the second leg. And if we don't, then we'll get no chance to be in the final obviously.

So we'll be very positive in the game. Kerala Blasters FC then has to decide whether to go for the game and leave themselves open or do they sit and try and soak up as it did in the second half tonight and credit to them because they are dangerous on the counter. So I think it's set up for a brilliant second leg. And we will make sure that we play a part in it and try to win it and try to get to the final.