Bengaluru FC head coach Gerard Zaragoza was brimming with passion as they host Ivan Vukomanovic's Kerala Blasters FC at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium on Saturday during Matchweek 18 of the Indian Super League (ISL).

The Blues have a significant advantage when playing against the Blasters at home, as they have never lost a game at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium against them. Bengaluru FC are currently fighting for the final playoff spot on the league table. They currently stand ninth with only 18 points from 17 games, having won only twice in their last five matches.

Kerala Blasters FC recently had their best game of the season, winning 4-2 against FC Goa. They currently hold the fourth spot in the points table, having earned 29 points from 16 games. However, they have only won two of their last five games. In their previous encounter against Bengaluru FC, it was the Blasters who came out on top securing a 2-1 victory.

The press conference kicked off with head coach Gerard Zaragoza discussing the emotional and mental significance of the upcoming match for the team.

"I don't really need to tell these boys about emotion because they know. They know exactly what it means to play this game, for this club, against this club - in this moment," he said during the pre-match press conference.

Zaragoza shed some light on how he plans to approach the remaining games of the season.

He shared, "We're going game by game, three points by three points when we finish the season - we'll have the points we deserve. We cannot think about the position now. All teams have certain qualities, and when you finish the season - what you have is what you deserve."

The Spaniard shared how other teams dread playing at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, where his team has been able to maintain a strong home advantage this season so far.

"We are one of the top teams at home this season, a lot of coaches don't like to play here. We have three more games here at home. Kanteerava is important. The West Block Blues are important. This is a game with a lot of passion, and I'm sure they know this," stated Zaragoza.

The head coach touched upon high number of goals his team have conceded this season and how he has been working on this situation, rectifying this for better positive results.

He said, "I'm not happy with how many goals we've conceded this season. Teams that concede fewer goals are usually the champions. We've been working on the defensive movements and transitions, and we want to control how many shots we face. I'm happy with how we've developed."

We all know what's at stake tomorrow: Aleksandar Jovanovic

Aleksandar Jovanovic, the 34-year-old center-back, has been a consistent player in the back line since he signed for the team, having played every match except  one this season in the ISL for Bengaluru FC. Jovanovic joined Zaragoza for the pre-match press conference.

Jovanovic shared his thoughts on what this match means for the team, how it keeps them on their toes, and shared why that's a positive thing.

"We all know what's at stake. That gives us extra motivation as players. We all know what to do, and how to play and hopefully we can do that. Playing these big games is what you look for, as players. The nervousness that comes with it is a plus," he stated.

"It's good to be nervous, but not overnervous. We're all looking forward to this fixture, and hopefully we get the three points," he added.

The Australian gave a few insights into his and the team's preparation leading up to their highly-anticipated match against the Blasters.

"There's not any big difference in the build-up to this game, from a players' point of view. There's no need to add any more pressure to what there already is. We're looking at this game like every other - we want to win it," he said, as the press conference came to an end.