Former Leicester City FC captain and Premier League winner, Wes Morgan, believes budding young Indian footballers can benefit from the globalisation of modern football and can set higher standards for themselves.

The defender was positive about the way Indian football have symbolically developed a unique program in FSDL’s (Football Sports Development Limited) alliance with the Premier League, bringing forth a culturally inclusive platform for youngsters across countries.

“Hopefully the partnership with the Premier League and English football overall can inspire the youngsters in India who are playing and are fans of the game a lot. Surely many of them catch the games on television and they will have their favourite players and teams," said Morgan to NDTV Sports.

"I think football has opened up more and more and become inclusive. Hopefully, they are seeing players like themselves on the pitch, giving them the confidence to better their game and hopefully one day play in the Premier League or whichever league they want to play in," he added.

While both teams endured defeat against their respective opponents, Morgan was in awe with the Kerala Blasters FC and Bengaluru FC’s academy sides. The defender had a word with the players who were a part of the Next Generation Cup.

"It has been fantastic to speak to the Bengaluru and Kerala Blasters boys. They looked very engaged and interested to hear what we were talking about. Hopefully, we have passed on some knowledge or experiences that might help them from our lives that they could implement and themselves become better footballers," stated the 38-year-old.

The Next Generation Cup is part of Football Sports Development (FSDL) and Premier League's long-term partnership. Both the English and Indian leagues have been working together to holistically develop football in India.