Hyderabad FC head coach Thangboi Singto is optimistic about turning things around as his team prepares to take on Mohun Bagan Super Giant in the Indian Super League (ISL) at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar on Saturday.

The Yellow and Black have had a challenging start to the league, finding themselves at the bottom of the table with only three points after seven matches. They are yet to secure their first win this season.

Hyderabad FC will have to play their next home game in Bhubaneswar due to state elections in Hyderabad. Singto believes that playing on their home turf in Hyderabad would have surely given their team an advantage over the opposition with the backing of the home fans. However, they want to remain focused on the game and secure their first win against the Kolkata giants.

“It's a bit sad because (it is a) home match (but) we have to play away due to state elections. I think we have to move out unfortunately,” Singto said in the pre-match press conference.

“Playing at home would have been great against Mohun Bagan Super Giant because it's always an advantage. And you know, we want to do something good for the fans playing at our stadium, our fortress,” he added.

Hydearbad FC are coming onto this fixture with another narrow 1-0 defeat to Kerala Blasters FC. Singto believes they are on the right track in terms of performance but it is the result which is reflecting on that performance.

Despite a challenging start, the 49-year-old coach remains hopeful for a positive outcome against the ISL Cup winners, who are entering this fixture on the heels of a challenging 5-2 defeat to Odisha FC in the AFC Cup. He also sees this as the correct time to face Mohun Bagan Super Giant.

“But yes, I think we are still very positive in the sense that, you know, what we have to do as a team, what we have to do as players and staff coaches, we are doing it. I think the only thing is about the result,” Singto said.

“But in terms of hard work, in terms of performance, everything is, you know, on what we expect. Speaking about Mohun Bagan Super Giant, I think... a star team but I was watching the last match in the AFC Cup against Odisha FC. And I think it's a good time to play them,” he added.

Hyderabad FC are yet to reflect on the performances from the past three seasons. According to Singto, everyone is putting in a tremendous effort on the training pitch, and they are determined to approach this game to secure three points.

“Everybody has done well as always in the training pitch. Now that we have to translate that into results. They are a tough team but we will play with the belief that we will win. So that should be the approach against Mohun Bagan Super Giant,” he commented.

Midfielder Mohammed Yasir accompanied Thangboi Singto in the pre-match press conference. He expressed his disappointment with the result from the previous match against the Blasters and believes they should now turn their focus to the next game.

“We are doing well in training. We are upset about the last match. Therefore, we are committed to giving our 100% in this game (against Mohun Bagan Super Giant),” he said.

He believes the attacking unit needs to work more in the attacking third as they are creating numerous chances but have failed to convert them into goals. They are now aiming to improve in that aspect.

“As a team, we created a lot of chances in the last match, (but could finish those chances). So, we need to improve in that aspect,” Yasir added.