The Indian Super League (ISL) have now entered the mid-season break for the forthcoming AFC Asian Cup, scheduled to be held in Qatar from January 12, 2024. The tenth season of the ISL has been more exciting with the introduction of the ISL fantasy game, creating a rollercoaster of emotions for ISL fantasy managers so far.

With the season taking a break, ISL Fantasy has introduced an unlimited transfer window. Fantasy managers will be able to make unlimited free transfers throughout the month of January, leading up to the Matchweek 13 deadline, which will be announced later. This provides a perfect chance for managers to tweak and tinker with their teams in preparation for the ISL's return.

The game will enforce price freezes during the Asian Cup, ensuring that there won't be any alterations to the prices of players. The final set of price changes has already taken place. Therefore, what you currently see is what you will get for the time being.

For those interested but haven't created their teams yet, this is an excellent chance to join ISL Fantasy and begin anew, with plenty of gift cards still available.

Create your own ISL Fantasy team as well if you haven’t already

To mark its 10th season, ISL introduced ‘ISL Fantasy,’ a classic fantasy format game. Fans can participate in the overall league or club-based leagues based on their preferences. They can create private leagues, inviting friends and fellow football aficionados to compete. Prizes include a Sony PlayStation®5 gaming console, EA Sports FC 24, signed club merchandise, and a Gift Card worth INR 20,000, which will be awarded to 100 winners at the end of the season. Sign up at: