Akash Mishra has established himself as a prominent figure in Indian football, showcasing exceptional talent as a left-back. He not only holds a regular starting position with his new team, Mumbai City FC but has also secured a consistent spot in the Indian national team. His remarkable skills and consistency make him a valuable asset to the team, with a promising future ahead.

Beginning his career with Indian Arrows, Mishra currently represents Mumbai City FC. At just 22 years old, he has emerged as one of the most promising talents in Indian football. His inspiring performance on the pitch, coupled with his composure and dedication, has garnered recognition, establishing him as a rising star in the sport. This ascent led him to be acquired by the Islanders from Hyderabad FC ahead of the season.

His previous tenure with Hyderabad FC was remarkable, earning the attention of many and playing a pivotal role in their ISL Cup triumph in the 2021-22 season.

The full-back significantly enhances the team's attacking gameplay by providing width in attack and executing defensive duties with precision. His contributions to the Islanders have been instrumental in their success since his arrival.

Mumbai City FC has dominated the ISL this season and are currently on top of the points table. Akash Mishra has played a vital role in their success, helping his team secure three clean sheets in his 16 appearances. The Uttar Pradesh-born defender has registered 13 successful tackles, four blocks, 10 interceptions, and 17 clearances while winning 53 duels. He also scored a goal against Bengaluru FC in their dominating 4-0 win in December 2023.

Although he initially faced struggles after joining Mumbai City FC, he managed to overcome his difficulties with time.

"To be honest, in the start, it was a bit difficult. A bit of a transition phase for me. Things were not going as I wanted. But slowly, with the help of teammates, with the help of coaching staff, things are now very smooth. And I'm enjoying the football here. I'm enjoying life in Mumbai. Enjoying my stay with the club, with the players. So, slowly, it's like home for me. I'm really enjoying my stay in Mumbai City!" he said in an interview with Times Now News.

At the young age of 14, Mishra was among the fortunate few footballers selected for an intense six-year training program at the prestigious Bundesliga Club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in Germany.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity enabled him to refine his football skills under the guidance of experienced coaches and learn from some of the world's best players. The rigorous training program was designed to challenge him both physically and mentally, pushing him to his limits and aiding in his development into a well-rounded athlete.

"It was good. It was nice. Because, if you'll ask me, it was kind of a turning point for me. Because I was in Lucknow. I was at Guru Gobind Singh Sports College. But when I went to Germany, I saw real football. I understood football. I saw the modern way of football," shared Mishra.

He confidently explained how his six-year stay in Germany helped him grow as a footballer and facilitated his transition from a centre-back to a full-back position. He worked tirelessly, remained dedicated, and persevered through the challenges, ultimately emerging from the program as a skilled and confident full-back.

He said, "To be honest, when I went to Germany, I was not so good or so technical as a footballer. Which I am still not if you ask me. I still have to improve. I learned so many things there. So, I think whatever I am today or whatever things I can do, I think the German program helped me so much in that. And (that) played a very big role in my career."

Despite the increasing cultivation of football culture in India, the country still faces a shortage of fundamental football facilities. In an effort to address this issue, Mishra has recently acquired a minority stake in Techtro Lucknow FC, a football club located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The club boasts its own football academy, which is expected to play a significant role in expanding the sport's reach and accessibility. This investment is expected to aid in the development of key football facilities while promoting the sport's growth in the region.

Sharing insights into his motive behind such a substantial investment, he stated, "If you ask me, from where I come, we don't have any football academy. We don't have any proper setup for the young kids, because even I had a lot of difficulties. When I was in Lucknow, I didn't get any training anywhere. There were no coaches anywhere. Now, of course, football is gradually growing in Uttar Pradesh."

He continued, "I am very happy. It's, just a small step, if I can help. I know I cannot help the whole of Uttar Pradesh. That is something, I can't do. But if I can contribute a little. I can help them with that. So, that's where this idea came into my mind. And I met Neeraj (Kholiya). He is one of my very good friends. So, we have this program called Techtro to help the kids to achieve if they want to do something in football."