Igor Angulo: Hope Hero ISL 2020-21 will be Goa’s best-ever season

FC Goa recently bolstered their squad for the upcoming campaign of the Hero Indian Super League (Hero ISL) with the addition of Spanish striker Igor Angulo. The 36-year-old forward comes to India with an abundance of experience across Europe and hopes to bring success to FC Goa and make it their best-ever Hero ISL campaign.

“FC Goa has seen success with this kind of (attacking) play, trying always to attack and keep the ball in the feet and I don't think the style is going to change this season. I think we are going to be competitive and I hope this season is the best one for Goa,” he told News18.com.

With Hero ISL 2020-21 set to take place behind closed doors in Goa, Igor shared his view on the upcoming campaign, he said, “I think ISL is going to take care of us, of everyone and I think we are going to be safe. It is a pity that we are going to have to play in empty stadiums, but I knew that when I signed the contract and it is the only good way to do it. All the clubs are going to be in the same situation so we can't complain, and we have to keep going and keep fighting to win.”

Having played across different football leagues in Europe, Igor will be competing on another continent for the first time in his career. And even though FC Goa will be participating both in the Hero ISL and the AFC Champions League, Igor will still be playing fewer games than he had been used to while at his previous clubs.

Speaking about this challenge, he said, "It's true that it's (AFC Champions League) new for me because in Europe, it's not like this but I'm new in India, and I have to adapt to the rules. It's true that I would like to play more games, I am used to playing 35-40 games per season and here, it's going to be only 18 in the league plus playoffs and Champions League but it's not going to be too many."

While explaining his reasons for signing a one-year contract with the Gaurs, Angulo highlighted the ambitions of the club as one of the main factors that attracted him to Goa. “They told me they would be fighting for all the titles - the league, the playoffs - and the target is to play good football in the Asian Champions League. They wanted to run an ambitious project and so, I think Goa was the answer for my ambitions,” he said.

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