Igor Angulo: FC Goa have the most talented Indian players

Hero Indian Super League’s (Hero ISL) Shield Winners from last season, FC Goa announced the addition of Spanish striker Igor Angulo in July, and the forward has high expectations from the Indian talents in the team. Speaking to the press during a virtual round table conversation, Angulo heaped praise on the Indian players at FC Goa, and believes that they will be key if the Gaurs are to enjoy success in Hero ISL 2020-21.

“I know that we have very talented Indian players. The young talents have to help us a lot in this season, because they are going to be very important. Of course, the foreigners are going to be important, but the Indian players could be the key to the success. I believe the most talented Indian players are in FC Goa and we are very happy about it,” the 36-year-old striker explained.

FC Goa started building their team for the 2020-21 Hero ISL season, beginning with the arrival of head coach Juan Ferrando. This was followed by a string of new additions at the club, including Indian recruits like Sanson Pereira, Redeem Tlang and Makan Winkle Chothe. The new foreigners in the team include Ivan Gonzalez and Jorge Ortiz in addition to Angulo.

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On Goa’s rebuild, Angulo said, “Of course we are going to have a lot of new people, new players, and the (head) coach is new. All the things in the world are like this, they have to rebuild themselves every year and in Goa it is not going to be different. But I think we will have a team that will be good enough to face the league, the playoffs and the (AFC) Champions League. So, I hope it is going to be a very good season for us”

“One of the main points to sign for (FC) Goa was to play in the AFC Champions League. I am a very competitive player and I like to play against the best clubs. This competition gives me what I want,” Angulo added.

The Gaurs are renowned for their attacking style of play, which is very common in the Spanish league, and popular among the Goan fans. Angulo believes that although the players or head coach might change, FC Goa’s philosophy of football will remain constant and he feels at home with the way the club plays.

“Everybody calls Goa’s playing style as tiki-taka. They like to play with the ball, on the ground. They like to attack all the time, doesn’t matter the result. I understand that the style of play is to always attack, to keep the ball at the feet and I think this is a Spanish style too. I am from Spain too so I think I can adapt to this style of play easier than any other style. Goa always was like this so far. Now we have so many players, a new coach but I think that this style of play is not going to change for sure,” Angulo said.

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