Bengaluru FC interim head coach Renedy Singh urged his players to show character and secure a positive result as they take on Chennaiyin FC on Wednesday in the Indian Super League (ISL) at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.

After suffering a significant 4-0 defeat against Mumbai City FC at home, Bengaluru FC are determined to bounce back with positive results against Chennaiyin FC. The Blues boast an unbeaten record in their last eight meetings against their southern rivals, marking their longest undefeated streak against a single opponent in ISL history.

Singh, who is currently in charge of the Blues after the departure of Simon Grayson, acknowledges the challenges of instilling new tactics or dynamics within the squad in this short period. However, he assures that his players are well-prepared and will undoubtedly showcase their fighting spirit against Chennaiyin FC.

“I think it's a short time, and I've spoken to the players. We worked on our structure, we worked on our shape, and tomorrow I've got one more day to prepare, and we will be ready for the fight against a good side, Chennaiyin FC, who has done well in the last few matches,” Singh stated in the pre-match press conference.

"So I hope the boys are ready, and all I want to say is that after a big loss, look at the way the supporters supported them till the end. Where on earth are you going to get those types of supporters? Our boys have some pride and will fight for themselves, fight for the club, fight for the fans, and we will work it out. We have got one more day, and I'm sure the way I have seen today, our boys will give 100% and we will do well,” he added.

Singh praised Chennaiyin FC’s recent performances and urged his players to remain focused, showcasing their character after the significant 4-0 defeat against Mumbai City FC at home.

“Chennaiyin are a good side, and they have done well in the last few matches,” he said.

“We have got a good rivalry, and it will go on, but the only thing is that we, ourselves, have to look after losing badly and how we come back, and that's all I want to see. We have to respect the opponent, but we have to do what we can. We have to concentrate on our team first before we do that,” he added.

The 44-year-old wants to see his players fight for each ball and play as a team. He believes his players will show their passion to secure a positive result against the Marina Machans.

“I believe in the players. I want to see the passion of the players to fight for every single ball. This is what I want to see from the players, and I feel I’ll get that positive thing from them, so I feel I will be able to see that, and we will be able to see that,” he shared.

BFC shouldn't be where it is right now: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu accompanied his head coach to the press conference ahead of their upcoming away game against Chennaiyin FC. He urged his players to exercise patience and avoid confusion in this challenging situation. Wholeheartedly, he expressed his desire to change the circumstances and restore Bengaluru FC's glory.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I've been through situations like this before in my previous clubs and also at this club. As a senior member, I think it's very important to make sure everyone in the dressing room is not distracted or too confused,” Sandhu stated.

“In these situations, the message always is and has been to focus on what is required, and at this time, what is required is for us to listen to the coach and make sure all the instructions that are given by him (are followed). We follow it without question and give 100% because that's what our job is to do and bring justice to what the club stands for for all its success over the years. Because, in my opinion, BFC shouldn't be where it is right now. I know it from my heart, and hopefully, we can change it,” he added.

Sandhu also emphasized the importance of maintaining positive morale in the dressing room to navigate through this tough situation.

Speaking in this context, he stated: “Morale is always good because we know how much we can give and how much we are capable of doing.”

“There are a lot more things that I think all of us can do. And we are just waiting for that spark, that turnaround. And hopefully, this can be the regeneration and new start for us to get back on track, just like last year when it happened for us. So, we just need to be patient and make sure that we are listening to the instructions given by the coach, be ready, and be available in the best shape possible,” Sandhu concluded.