Indian Super League (ISL) side Mumbai City FC recently announced the signing of Slovak striker Jakub Vojtus to their squad.

This acquisition comes as a replacement for Spanish center-forward Iker Guarrotxena, who unfortunately suffered a knee injury shortly after joining the Islanders during the January transfer window, ruling him out for the remainder of the season.

Vojtus brings a wealth of experience to Mumbai City FC, having honed his skills across various European leagues. With a background in Inter Milan's youth setup, he embarked on a career journey that took him through leagues in Portugal, Romania, Poland, and Hungary. Prior to joining Mumbai City FC, Vojtus featured for Romanian side ACSM Politehnica Iasi in the top division.

The Slovak striker has signed a deal with Mumbai City FC that extends until the end of the season. In expressing his enthusiasm for joining the club, Vojtus has expressed his eagerness to contribute to the team's success.

"I am excited to join Mumbai City FC and I hope we can win together the title and achieve the objective the club has," he said in an exclusive interview with Mumbai City FC.

He further said: "Honestly, I didn't expect that I would receive an offer like that from India. Today finally I can join my teammates because it was a national break and everybody I think wasn't here, they had a few days' holidays. I came on Monday and did the last medical test to sign the contract. I'm really excited to meet them and can't wait for the training,"

Mumbai City FC tops the ISL table with 41 points from 19 games, boasting 12 wins, five draws, and a mere two losses - the fewest in the league. With only three games left, the Islanders are aiming to secure the Shield for the second consecutive season. Head coach Petr Kratky, who joined mid-season, has effectively galvanised the team, achieving commendable results in their pursuit of the League Shield. New signing Jakub Vojtus is eager to make a significant contribution to the team's success through goals and assists.

"My target for myself like a striker I hope that I can help with the goals and with the assists to the team and with my best performance on the pitch. This is my target because football is not an individual sport. I like to help my teammates and to reach the top."

The Slovakian provided a glimpse into his playing style ahead of his debut for the team. Mumbai City FC, known for their dynamic attacking prowess, has been one of the most vibrant offensive sides this season under Kratky's leadership, consistently adopting an aggressive approach in their matches.

He affirmed, "My playing style depends, For most of my career I played in Europe, also I played in different countries so you have to adapt yourself very fast. In one country you play more on the ground, in some countries you play a little bit differently, like English style, so it depends. I'm already used to playing all of the styles of football."

"Even today in football you don't have just play ball on the ground like a striker, you have to fight for the ball, you have to come and play. So you have to have all of these qualities. So I try to adapt to the team and the style I'm playing. So this the most important, but I like to play to create the chance for my team and then to go to the box and score. I just want to enjoy football and winn the games," he added.

Lastly, the 30-year-old shared the message he had for the club's fans. Mumbai City FC is renowned for its passionate supporters, who make their presence felt both at home and away matches, showcasing unwavering support for the team.

"My message for the fans is I hope they will come to support us in the stadium and with our performance we (hope we) can make them happy and we can celebrate the title together," Vojtus concluded.

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