Hyderabad FC head coach Thangboi Singto is looking forward to the challenge as his side host Bengaluru FC in Matchweek 6 of the Indian Super League (ISL) at the Gachibowli Stadium on Saturday.

With only a point from their first four matches, Hyderabad FC sit last on the table after the season with three consecutive defeats. In their last match against Mumbai City FC, an own goal from Tiri in the dying minutes of the match helped them secure their first point of the season.

Keeping a positive outlook towards their upcoming challenge against the Blues, the coach expects a good result after having ended their points drought in the last match.

“I think as a team, the positive we can take back (from the game against Mumbai City FC) is that at least we started, we at least put (up) a point. So that is a positive thing, I would say. And from that stage going forward, I think in terms of training, in terms of planning, I think it has been very good. We have everybody training well, and responding to the tactical training or changes we want to bring in. BFC is a very good team. For me, I would say they have the best Indian player in captain Sunil (Chhetri). They have the best Indian goalkeeper (Gurpreet Singh Sandhu), I would say. But again this is a good challenge for any team to play against the best. And I believe, like I said, the way we have prepared this week, I think tomorrow (Saturday) should be a good day for us in terms of results.” stated Singto in the pre-match press conference.

Despite being winless so far, Hyderabad FC have been competitive in all their games. They have lost games by narrow margins, losing all of their three matches by a one-goal deficit. Singto feels his team are on the right track and was happy with their squad depth.

“We are on the right path.. the process of improving, trying to build the style of play, how the team wants to play. I think it is every day, I think we can see (it) on the ground. And when you have players available in terms of selection, I think it becomes easier because each player has their own unique style of playing and they give a different dimension. So tomorrow (Saturday), I think whoever starts or whoever comes in, tomorrow (Saturday) we have a better-prepared team in terms of how we want to perform and how we want to (play),” Singto said.

Bengaluru FC are heading into the game after a defeat to Odisha FC. The Blues have recorded just one win in their five games so far and have registered just four points. When questioned about dealing with the physicality of Bengaluru FC and high press, Singto was wary of their strengths and stated his players are ready.

“Bengaluru is not only about physicality, Bengaluru FC is also about the experience. Bengaluru FC is about (a squad that has been) winner (of the ISL Cup). So I think we have to sum up those (points) and prepare ourselves. We have done it, in terms of presenting the opponent’s analysis, in terms of their strength and weakness. These few days, I think the sessions have been explained well, and I think the players know (what to expect). That is good,” shared the 49-year-old.

Forward Aaren D’Silva accompanied Singto in the press conference. The Goan striker has started in all of Hyderabad FC’s previous three matches, being deployed in the Number 9 position. Addressing his form this season, the player feels that he is getting better.
He said, “So all the years from when I started, I played as a striker. And only under Manolo (Marquez), I played as a winger. I used to come on the wings (from the bench). So obviously, (it has been) two years, I know it's difficult not playing (as) a striker, but I have it in me. Only the goals that are missing, so I just need to get in on that. I don't know if (but) I'd say I'm a bit rusty now, but for sure, the rust is coming off for sure. I believe in that and for sure that I need to score, as a striker.”