Hyderabad FC head coach Thangboi Singto remains optimistic despite his side losing 2-0 to FC Goa in the Indian Super League (ISL) at the GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium in Hyderabad on Thursday.

The Spanish forward, Carlos Martinez, demonstrated his precision within the penalty area, utilizing both his head and feet to secure his name on the scoresheet in the 7th and 30th minutes. Although the hosts had opportunities by exploiting the rapid speed of Abdul Rabeeh through the flank, they were unable to convert them, leading to their eighth defeat of the season.

Singto recognized that their inability to prevent early goals once again proved costly in terms of points tonight. The head coach believes his players need to stick to their plans irrespective of the strength of the opposition.

“In some of our last few matches, we conceded within the first 10 or 15 minutes. Today, the plan was to prevent it. In the Super Cup, we came back strongly. However, if you concede early, it's very tough, and the same thing happened,” Singto said in the pre-match press conference.

“That is an area for coaches – to make them believe that whoever is in front of them, be it Mohun Bagan Super Giant or Bengaluru FC, they need to stick to the plans. The second half was good, but there is room for improvement. Of course, I think some key players, such as Abdul Rabeeh and Ramhlunchhunga, became a bit tired, which is understandable because the preparation could have been better,” he added.

Hyderabad FC created several opportunities and attempted shots on goal, but only one of them was on target. Singto acknowledges the need to be more clinical in the offensive third.

“Football is about goals. And today I think we had seven or eight shots and I think maybe only one was on target. And so that area also we have to keep on improving. It's difficult, but we can only try,” he mentioned.

Singto firmly believes that his young players are experiencing the biggest opportunity of their lives. He asserts that they will encounter many challenging games in the future, but he remains optimistic about the fighting spirit of his young players.

“The young boys are getting the biggest opportunity in their lives,” he opined.

“It's for them to take (the opportunity) and for us to guide them. But I think it's not going to be easy for us because we have many, many experienced teams coming out against. But what I'm happy about is that when they went to the pitch, they were not pulled up,” Singto added.  

With the departure of key experienced players, Hyderabad FC has opted for a young Indian squad, with Joao Victor as the lone foreigner. Singto remains optimistic about the potential of the young players, firmly believing that they will improve with more composure.

“The youngsters from our reserve team are very technically gifted and skilful. The only improvement is that those efforts in the final third have to be converted into goals, which is not easy,” he asserted.

“But young players like Makan Chothe, Aaren D'Silva, Lalchhanhima Sailo, proved that if they get time and more minutes, I think they can do better. Because Indian football is not drastically different in terms of Indian players. I told them that if they get a chance, prove it. And many of them proved it. And hopefully, as we go forward, tougher matches will be there. We will keep on trying to be at our best as always,” he signed off.