A storyteller whose voice was synonymous with Indian football: A tribute to Novy Kapadia

The Hero Indian Super League (ISL) paid its respects to the great commentator, critic, and journalist Novy Kapadia prior to the kick-off between ATK Mohun Bagan and Kerala Blasters FC on November 19, 2021. Kapadia died on November 18, 2021 after prolonged health complications.

The news of his passing engulfed the entire community of Indian football enthusiasts in sorrow.

Pradhyum Reddy, who was joined by Paul Masefield and Erik Paartalu for the pre-match coverage, opened up about the impact that the late journalist had on the sport in the country.

“It is a tremendous loss for Indian football and Novi was a great storyteller. His voice was a comfort and he was synonymous with Indian football. And all the fans, when you reminisce about him you think about how knowledgeable he was and one thing that everyone loved about him was the fact that he didn’t pull any punches,” said Reddy.

He also shared an anecdote signifying Kapadia’s love for football. “There were a lot of people eulogizing, a lot of ex-players talking about him yesterday, and one of the best stories, for me, that I heard about him was one that goes back almost 50-60 years ago when as a young man, he skipped his grandmother’s funeral to go and watch Mohun Bagan play in a Durand Cup game,” he revealed.

Shifting the focus onto the game, Reddy added, “I think it’s a perfect tribute in a way for such a man who loved football, and that perfect tribute would be to have a terrific match today because I’m sure he is watching down upon us.”

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