Robin Singh: Scoring not more important than team winning

FC Pune City’s Hero Indian Super League (ISL) 2018-19 campaign has failed to get out of first gear, thus drowning their playoff hopes with each passing game. Next up for the Stallions is an away test in Kochi.

Ahead of their fixture against Kerala Blasters, caught up for an exclusive interview with the FC Pune City striker, Robin Singh.

Thoughts on FC Pune City’s season so far.

You know, it’s been a tough season for sure, but we keep going. I’ve said this before and I speak for my boys: if we play each and every match the hardest that we can, the results will follow.

How is the team trying to bounce back?

Play with an attacking mindset for sure and try to win all our matches that are left as of now. I think that’s the mindset and the aim as well, just try winning as many matches as you can and let’s see where the season goes for us.

Is there any particular strategy in place for Kerala Blasters FC?

History is history, that’s all I say. You only look forward to the next match coming and that’s what we’re going to do. The numbers might not be in our favor, but it doesn’t matter. We’re going to play each and every match like it’s the last match we’re all going to play.

Do you see yourself scoring against Kerala Blasters FC?

Well, I hope so. For me, it’s more important that FC Pune City wins rather than me scoring. I want to be able to play my part whether it’s by scoring a goal or whether it’s by assisting a goal or whether it’s just by working hard. I think that’s all I want to do this season, make sure I work the hardest and goals and everything else will follow.

Is the atmosphere in the Kochi stadium a worry for the team?

Not really! We’ve come here with the mindset to work the hardest and that’s the plan. We’re going to work the hardest that we can and may the best team on the night win. 

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